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vstar 1300 oem parts for sale

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  1. peau48

    check out the new post in the hock shop for the parts I have for sale.
    I've added pictures.
    one set of leather covered oem saddlebags. From my 2007 yamaha vstar 1300, 6,000 miles. There is one small scuff mark on the leather down low on one of the bags. Hard to see.
    one oem gas tank from the same bike. black. there is a very small dent in the
    right front corner of the tank. Easily fixable.
    one oem drivers seat, one pillion pad and a sissy bar pad from the same bike.
    one oem muffler, replaced by a roadhouse slip on. Looks like new.
    one original windshield
    one oem front fender, black
    one set of chrome oem saddlebag guards.
    I went to the dealer today and looked up the price for all these parts if ordered new.
    No kidding it was over $4480.

    I'll sell the whole kit for $1200 plus shipping. And I'll break this up into parts, see the photos in the hock shop
    My modified 1300 is posted on the 1300 forum.
    beau 49

  2. rettemon

    I might be interested in the windshield, shoot me a pm if you still have it..thanks

  3. cfinn1187

    do you still have the saddlebag guards?

  4. RopKizzner

    I am interested in the sissy bar. How much would you sell just that and pad for?


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