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Vstar 1300 in KC

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  1. KD

    Hi all,

    I just got my new Vstar 1300 home. It was 28* outside so I didn't ride too long. I got a great deal on the 07 model and can't wait to get it broke in. I already have a set of Hard Krome pipes on order as well as the power commander. I need a windshield and some handlebars and I will be straight!

    Anyway, I am in Kansas City and traded in a honda shadow ACE for the V13. This is my first Yamaha and with what little time I have had in the saddle, I am impressed. I love to do my own wrenching and hope to get some good tips from the Yami experts. I am pretty good about posting my modifications and experiences to help others, so I hope to be more of a help than a burden!

    Thanks for looking and hope to chat with you all soon!


  2. Snufftokk

    Welcome to the YMF Kevin. You will find some very good knowledge in here. I ride a 07 1100 and I am going to try to trade it for a 1300. Looking forward to see you pics.

    Safe Riding

  3. Ravhite

    Hello Kevin, welcome to the YMF.........I too switched from Honda to Star some years ago and have had no regrets.

  4. wzdarcruizer


  5. tmccort

    Hi all, I am new to here. Bought my 1300 T last may and have 4300 miles on her with no probs. Some of the things i've added to her; Corbin seat with dual backrest, star riding halogen lamps, star engine guard. We really love our Corbin seat. My wife and I can make 300 mile day trips without any problems. On stock seat, my wife was begging to stop after 50 miles. Not anymore. Can't wait till spring and summer, plan on a long trip down to Texas and across to New Mexico and back for our summer vacation. Live in s.e. missouri where it really is cold right now. Again, hi to all, and wish everyone here a safe '08 out on the road this year.


  6. toncars

    We are also from SEMO
    Happy Riding

  7. kman

    Welcome bro., your going to find a lot of 1300s on this site.

  8. Driwetapisnezz

    Hey KD

    Great mods you've selected. You may want to check out either the (free) airbox upgrade posted all over this and the Delphi forum, or consider an intake upgrade to take advantage of ther power commander and the pipes you have on order.

    Bars/ seats/wind shields - there are tons of options that are proving to be very popular.


  9. Jonezpoj

    Welcome to the site. 28*, no bugs I'd venture to say.........


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