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Vstar 1100 vs 650 Silverado

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  1. mperman6

    I am new to bikes will get my indorsement very soon and plan on getting a yamaha vstar silverado. The deal is though I don't know if I should get the 650 or the 1100, the only thing holding me back from getting the 1100 is the price! But will I be happy with the 650 or will I being trying to sell it so I can get the 1100? I love the silverado style and fit, I will be cruising around town but I want to be able to tourer around the state as well, please tell me what you guys think! Be as specific as possible... please.

  2. yaro

    I can't compare the two. I have 1100 and did not even seat in 650. Test ride both if you can and see which one feels better. Are you comfortable on both of them?

  3. chitter4

    Have you checked into the 950? It’s in the middle of the two weight wise and is supposed to have the power of the 1100, very low seat height and center of gravity, plus a longer wheelbase for a better ride, belt drive and EFI. I had a 1100, and the wife has a 650 so I have ridden both, there is nothing wrong with either and there are a ton of extras available for the 1100 and 650 so they are easy to customize. I do however like the belt drive and EFI of the 950, and we plan to upgrade the 650 to a 950 this summer.

  4. bkman

    If the 950 fits you, and you can afford the price (it is between the 650 and 1100), I think I'd recommend a look at the 950 also. The 650 is a little under-powered, in my opinion (having ridden one only a couple of times), but it is almost impossible for us to tell what you will like - everyone is different. I personally don't care for the 950 too much. I was wild about it when I first saw the literature but, when I went to the dealer and sat on one, I realized that it just didn't fit me that well. The 1100, on the other hand, is nearly perfect for my dimensions. My advice to you is to sign up for a motorcycle riding course, and wait until you complete that course before making your choice. After taking the course, many people find that their choice of bike changes.

    The 950 is new, and so the aftermarket support is not as extensive as the 650 / 1100. Also, because of the EFI, it will probably be more expensive to do performance modifications (should you decide to do any). It does give you a lot for your dollar, though.

    I have no real information to support my hunch, but I would not be suprised at all if the 650 and 1100 models are retired before too long. Check around at a couple of dealers (if you have more than one near you). If the 950 sales are strong, you might be able to score a really good deal on a 650 or 1100. You probably don't want to wait that long, but leftover 09 models will be out there this fall, and some dealers probably still have 08 models they're trying to move. I would scour the Internet for leftovers first. Within a 100 mile drive of your home, there might be some really good deals out there.

  5. aogzz

    I fully agree with what bkman said......thats be the best advise. imo

  6. NurzePatavan

    Food for thought: You're buying your first bike, not your last one. Why not get a used 650 to start with and get experience on, and when you're ready, sell it for nearly what you paid for it (smaller cc bikes are always in demand), and upgrade to the 1100 when you feel ready?

  7. bkman

    Why not get a used 650 to start with and get experience on...
    This is a valid approach, also. My personal exeperience, being a relatively new rider myself (less than three years on the road), is that I definitely did not regret buying a first bike that I thought (initally) was much too big for my needs or skill level.

    I am glad I did not buy that little Honda 250 I initially wanted, but every person is different. The V-Star 650 is certainly big enough (physically) to sufficiently challenge a new rider, but I know that I would be very bored with it from a performance perspective in a short period of time.

    I'm no economist or marketing genius, but I wouldn't be suprised if the new V-Star 950 seriously hurts BOTH the 650 and 1100 sales, which may very well drive their values down. Again, if I had it to do over, I think I'd still plunk my money down for the 1100, only because it is an almost perfect fit for me and there is SO much after-market stuff for it. If you want bang for the buck, however, the 950 is THE bike to have right now (if it fits you right).

  8. Moogie

    I was in the same boat in '05. Never owned a bike and not sure if I wanted the 650 or 1100. I went with the 1100 and never looked back. Another consideration to think about - Are you going to have a passenger? That might rule out the 650. Good luck and happy riding!!

  9. Jon632

    I've debated this issue before I got my 1100 too. I started on a Honda Rebel that felt like I was riding a scooter. Because money is tight, I wanted to get something that I would be able to keep for a while and be completely happy with. I didn't want to spend a ton of $$ and still feel like I wanted more power. So i ended up going with a used 1100. The price of a new 650 yet the power that I won't soon get bored of. As for getting used to the weight/power, for me it took just a ride from the dealer to my home which was only about 5 miles lol. I love the power and the weight actually makes the bike more stable and easier to handle.

    But like I said, I learned on a little Honda and outgrew that within a week. I can't say how it would be to start off on a 1100 but that varies per individual. I've read about tons of people starting off on larger bikes and doing fine.

  10. earnmanfan960

    I too faced the same questain when I purchased my 1100 two years ago. I had owned a 82 650 maxim when I was a teenager but hadn't rode in nearly 20 years. After talking to my brother in law who was a bike salesman at the time I decided to go with the 1100 because of all the people he told me about who bought smaller cc bikes and came back to trade in for bigger bikes after just a short period. I never regretted the decission as I took to the 1100 right away.

  11. G1Jim

    Food for thought: You're buying your first bike, not your last one. Why not get a used 650 to start with and get experience on, and when you're ready, sell it for nearly what you paid for it (smaller cc bikes are always in demand), and upgrade to the 1100 when you feel ready?
    I happen to think this is great advice. Also keep in mind that the 1100 is very heavy for a first bike (over 600lbs), and once it's tipped sideways past a certain point (standing still), there's no stopping it. You should definitely get experience on a lighter weight bike until you've gained skill and confidence. My first bike years ago (during college) was a Yamaha 350, and it was a great size to start on. The smaller bikes are much easier to handle, even though you will undoubtedly eventually want to move up to a bigger bike.

    Good luck, but whatever you do, ride carefully and defensively.

  12. tunc

    maybe see what bike suits you and your needs the best
    the 650 should be around for a while but there was talk of the 1100 being made redundant and the 950 takin over from it
    only good thing is there should be heaps of 1100 parts around lol
    weve only just got the 950 here so cant comment on them as i aint seen one live yet
    keep us posted on what ya decide on


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