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  1. yace304

    Has anyone heard of Pacific Coast Star exhaust or highway hawk exhaust? If so does anyone have an opinion on them or recommend any brand of exhaust?

  2. tunc

    heres a link to some videos of different exhausts that might help you

    and welcome to the forum when you can put a welcome up in HERE

  3. aarona

    There are two other threads talking about the PCS pipes one on page 2 and one on page 3 read them and it will help you out.

  4. LiddleBen

    I have the monster pro 2 into1 cerami- chrome. The quality is ok, The sound is great. And the upkeep on the finish is different and more time consuming than polishing regular chrome. Would I buy another one? Probably not. Mainly because of the maintenance issue. If I had a bike that a black one would look right on I would go that route. That is what is on the bronze bike on my profile page. You can hear these pipes on the PCS website. Just my thoughts.,L.B.

  5. quicgmicg

    I have a set of PCS pipes too. I'd probably not buy another set. the sound is great, the finish quality is not so great. They require a lot of upkeep to keep them from rusting (and I live in a relatively rust free environment).

    If I was buying pipes today, this is what I'd get...

    The quality is awesome, so is the sound. They cost just a little more but the overall quality and less upkeep make them a top choice.

  6. adomzdvinz

    I have the Monster Pro and feel the same way. Sound and performance is great, finish is crap. Chrome would be better.

  7. yace304

    thank you guys for all your input. really helped out alot.

  8. zoc47408

    I have a set of PCS pipes too. I'd probably...
    Been running the DG 2:1 sideburner since Oct 07. No problems to report as they look, run, and sound great! The price on your link is cheaper than what I payed for my set by about $50.00!

  9. quicgmicg

    Thanks for the report. I know a couple of guys that have them and I agree, the quality and sound is just perfect.

    Shane's pricing at SS Custom Cycle is about the best...and his service in unbelievable.


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