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VStar 1100 Cruise Speed

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  1. TerrjJollj

    What is the top cruise speed on a stock 1100? Also, any heat problems while in traffic? Just bought mine last Saturday. My question is assuming the bike is after the breaki-n period.

  2. 2WheelPik

    Before I put in my air kit and rejetted, 65-70 mph was a a speed I felt I could hold for a while without the engine feeling like it's wound up tight. After the air kit, 85-90 feels very comfortable.

    I haven't heard of too many problems with heat, but I also try to avoid routes with stoplights while riding around town.

  3. HACKB828

    I've got over 40,000 miles on my V Star 1100 and have only had trouble with overheating once. It was in Cade's Cove in the Smokey Mountains. Mainly due to people wanting to look at deer and take pictures without pulling over to let traffic around. I estimate that I mostly idled for 45 minutes only moving 4 miles in that time. No major problems, I just felt the extra heat coming off the motor. I stopped and let it cool off for 30 minutes and cranked it back up. I regularly ride in heavy traffic with several stop lights for hours at a time. Even at 90-100 degree temps I've had no problems.


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