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VStar 100 clutch

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  1. Jawman

    I am not the first owner on this bike, so do not know the clutch history.
    What are the first symptoms of the clutch starting to get worn?

    Despite me being very familiar with the clutch on this bike, I can't seem to get a smooth start anymore , with a stuttering happening on takeoff under load.



  2. bkman

    While there may be something wrong with your clutch, I've found that they oil type and weight used can affect clutch takeup. On my V-Star, I think that a synthetic oil gives me smoother clutch operation, and when the oil is getting dirty, it starts to chatter a bit on takeoff. Fresh oil cures the problem.

    If you haven't already, try changing your oil and maybe use a synthetic or blended synthetic. Just make sure you don't use any oil with "friction modifiers" in it. Read some of the threads on oils here for suggestions.

    If this doesn't help then you may have another issue, but if the clutch was bad I would expect it to slip. Not engaging smoothly may mean some of your disks are warped or cracked.

  3. Jawman

    thanks bkman...I'll check out the oil.

    seems to be worse after my last oil change



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