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  1. shadowmib78

    I bought a 250 virago, and the bags from my old bike are way too big for this one.

    Anyone know where I could get some bags that fit it properly? The main problem is where the signals are, right below the rear end of the pillion seat on the fender.

    I am REALLY not wanting to have to move the signals just to put bags on it.
    If I have no other choice then I guess I will, but i'd prefer to find some bags made for it.

  2. Heatlikhd

    The 650 Custom has the same issue, and moving the lights is the usual recommendation. For my 650, I found a set of Willie and Max bags on EBay that fit without moving the signals. They are pretty small, though.

  3. shadowmib78

    Yeah, I think I am going to look for a licence plate bracket that includes mounts for signals, and put a set of bullets on it.
    Probably swap out the fronts too so they match. Then I'll save or maybe sell the set of OEM ones.

  4. yhennlj

    Let me know how you decide to mount the bags. I have a set I bought for my 650 that I've never used, and the wife would like me to put em' on her 250. I've tried everything to make them ride parallel to the bike, and they always seem to have a slight tilt to em'. I removed the pillion and support brace, cut the center section of the bags around it, bolted everything back down, yet they still ride crooked. She doesn't seem to care, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I want em' to look the way they are suppose to. Any advice?


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