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V&H fuel pack vs PCIII

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  1. Wrencher12

    Anyone got any views/experience on the differences/relative merits of these two. I've always used PCIIIs but wonder about the V&H set up?

  2. Wilcon857

    The V&H is pretty much designed for their pipes. Not saying it won't work for other brands but the PCIII is definitely more supported for other pipes in case you ever switch out.

  3. yohnnjdherocg

    in the case of the raider, i see no advantage of owning one over the other. since we dont have a tach, with a pc3, all u can do is install with a map someone gives you and adjusting afterwards is guesswork, so its a no-no. the v&h is premapped by v&h, and from what i understand they have done all the dynoing themselves for their particular pipe, so there map with their pipe should be as good as it gets. after reading much about v&h, they even have a version 12 software that reduces the decel poping, so why spend the extra? if you have v&h pipes, save your money and go with their fuelpack, its about as good as its gonna get, and if someone does better with a pc3, i doubt my ass will be able to tell the difference. if it comes down to 1/4 mile times, well maybe i shoulda bought a different bike. jmho. ridewelll. yohnnjdherocg

  4. Wilcon857

    As the poster above said. Here is another thing. I have had several motorcycles that were fuel injected, all had pipes and other addons. The pop on decel is from a fuel cutoff to meet emissions, this was the root cause of all the FI issues on Yamaha's FZ1, none of these bikes has to have an aftermarket fuel adjuster. Especially bikes with CO2 sensors. My modified GSXR 750 ran almost perfect mapping with no PCIII or other device. Dyno tested with everyone modification to track it. My Warrior had a PCIII and the most it was ever adjusted netted 2 hp.

  5. trakonraiter

    well i have seen alot of posts on another forum were people are ruturning the fuel pack they can't get the popping out of it and going with the pciii and haveing better results. also i have seen alot of dyno numbers (although non with fuel pak) and the pcIII is getting better results avg. pony's total about 99 (with V&H) and torque was up there to. i just put my v&h and pciii on with k&n modified air box runns great i have a little popping on decel but i have only used one map so far.

  6. kman

    I just ordered the Big Radius and the V&H Fuel Pack. So stay tuned and I'll report my experience.
    I had a PCIII on my Warrior and it worked fine. So why try the Fuel Pack?
    1. I assume it should work well with the V&H exhaust.
    2. For best results with a PCIII you need a custom map. I don't have access to a tuner without considerable effort. I can program the Fuel Pack myself.
    Now that riding season is about over here in Montana I may not get to report the results till next spring.


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