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V&H BR baffle question

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  1. apraham

    Finally got the V&H pipe in the mail and couldn't help noticing that the baffle does indeed appear removeable. I removed the set screws and gave her a tug but seemed pretty seated in there. In my haste to get the pipes on I left the baffle alone for now but am curious as to the construction of it as it appears to be a specially constructed baffle. Has anyone had it out and noticed if it could be modded for increase in sound? Runs very well as it is but if it's packed with baffle packing or something like it to deaden sound i'd be interested in removing it to get her a little louder. Any feedback is appreciated.

  2. apraham

    So I take it no one has tinkered with their V&H pipes yet? Guess I might have to be the first to see what the baffle is made of then.

  3. CenTexRaiter

    Let me know what you figure out. I have the V&H's also and would like it to be a little louder. I read in a post that there is fiberglass wrap in the baffle. But as far as I know no one has removed it yet. I was also thinking of maybe trying a Thuder City Monster Baffle.

  4. tawezxx1

    I e-mailed Big City Thunder and they told me that they make nothing that fits the BR 2-1??

  5. Vindakecar15

    I think I put mine on wrong, although they do follow the lines of the bike pretty well.......

  6. Sgigrasee

    Vintage, I like the look, but be careful while riding with shorts. I'd also recommend tucking to the left on riding days.

  7. Kremer901

    I drilled seven holes in mine. Its a bit louder.

  8. apraham

    Yeah, was hoping to keep away from drilling the pipes. I'm gonna pull em this weekend and I'll get back to everyone on how they're constructed.

  9. apraham

    Just a little update for those interested, the V&H BR baffle is removeable. It's a very interesting configuration which appears to consist of a reducer with another baffle welded to the other end(nearest the outlet) with baffle packing wrapped around it. I skipped just removing the packing and went straight to removing the inner baffle as the sound from running the bike w/ no baffle was deafening and I likey. The baffle is now pretty much and open pipe with a reducer at the engine end. Not sure yet if this will be adequate back pressure but it is sure quite a bit louder. Once I have a some nicer weather, I'll really test her out to see if more back pressure might be required, ie.. welding a washer inside the baffle. I'll report more once our Montucky allows some road time.

  10. tawezxx1

    Did you happen to get any pics of what you did?


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