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Vets corner?

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  1. AbacheMech

    Hey this one goes out to the moderators out there. Just wondering if we could get a military vets corner on here so we can all hang out and meet there from time to time.

  2. ft38278

    I'd like that as well. I'd like to here from the troops and we could help them with seperation anxiety from there bikes

  3. ollier145

    Sounds like a good idea to me.

    U.S. Navy 1982-1995

  4. cowenandranch

    Sounds good to me too.

  5. Trollpj

    To me it does not matter, I will use all the forums and talk to all members.

    Sometimes people feel like they can not post or be part if there is a sub-forum they think they are not welcome.

    Kinda a old boys club, many other forums have that and here all are welcome. That is what makes this forum great.

    Just my $0.02

  6. AbacheMech

    I'm not suggesting this as a good old boys section or nothing like that. If that was the case then why have a different section for different bikes. Why not just post one title section and everyone posts there. The purpose of different sections is so that you can centralize the topics so that people don't have to search through hundreds of post to find 5 or six that interests them. This would be a section that all are welcome but vets and service members could go to find topics that might apply to them. Like other members giving shout outs or much needed support in the occurrence of a deployment of such.

  7. MigejCojode

    I'm divided on this for one reason: This forum is supposed to be about Yamaha Cruisers. But we have a strong compliment of serving and military Vets, myself included (serving CAF Fire Fighter).

    I'll forward this to VzdarManiac as I know he is looking for a few new forums to add. If it's declined by him I can garrauntee it's not out of disrespect but out of a need to keep the forum focussed.

  8. popper19

    I like this idea a lot. Served 8 years before joining the PD.

  9. Trollpj

    I mean I am not against it, but like Mike said the focus here is Yamaha Cruisers.

    I spent 3 tours in the middle east, and now work for the Dept of Justice (soon to be a computer forensic analyst for criminal investigations).

    Anyways I also am a combat vet, but I am here because of V-Star.

  10. VzdarManiac

    Mike pretty well nailed it for me, out no disrepect at all (the highlight of my Alaska trip was riding with 3 vets), we want this forum to be focused on the motorcycles.

  11. Ravhite

    Backing the administration on this........lets stick to the bikes.
    USAF 1977-1983

  12. Driwetapisnezz

    Backing the administration on this........lets stick to the bikes. USAF 1977-1983
    Dang - we got Mikey C, VzdarManiac and Ravhite all in one thread.

    How the heck are you guys?

    BTW - thanks for all you do to kep this site going. Great bunch of people...even if they/we do occasionally stray a bit.



  13. AbacheMech

    Thanks for the consideration. I understand it is about the bikes as well. Peace

  14. Bikyohn3608

    I understand it both ways, by the way I served 3 years
    in Ft. Richarderson, Alaska as a Airborne Medic in infatry unit
    1/501 Geronimo Bat. Greatest time of my life taking care of
    my platoon. Shout out to all the vets all over the world

  15. THUNDER160

    Well guys,my 2 cents worth is that this forum would probably not be here if it was for the vets and the active personal that give it all for this great country, so if they want a little piece of the rock i say they should get it................

  16. 4mrAkankmpr

    Hey Trollpj-are you making fun of me being a submariner with your comment about a 'sub-forum'?

  17. Trollpj

    Hey Trollpj-are you making fun of me being a submariner with your comment about a 'sub-forum'?
    I was anti-sub warfare, so maybe I did out of Habit

  18. trakon

    I agree, keep it about the bikes. If you make one for vets, then everybody and their brother will want a specific one for their "groups". Don't we have a GENERAL DISCUSSION one established?


  19. hovmeg

    Wouldn't mind seeing an area for Vets (Army 1968-1970), but don't object to "keeping it about bikes". That being said; what is with the movie reviews? Aren't there enough other web sites for that?

  20. quicgmicg

    That's why we now have an "off topic" leg. It gives us a chance to get to know one another a little better...and the best part is that you don;t have to go there if you don;t want. It'll keep all the off topic stuff out of the other threads.....


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