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Vance and hines youtubes

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  1. Kremer901

    Well got my pipes on today and I love. The baffles are easily removable but I am going to keep mine in.

    Here is the first video of the take off.Sorry roomate doesnt know how to take a video so it doesnt sound too glorious.

    Ok now I had to post me returning home because listen to what this skater does in the video. This is kind hilarious to me anyways. I think youll love it.

  2. ping32

    Sound sooo good. Thanks for the video.

  3. LADMarinez

    BAffles in out out?

  4. Kremer901

    in. sounds loud enough in.

  5. HawinkFun

    Tried to get my baffles out but no luck, they were stuck in their pretty tight and did not want to damage the new exhaust. I don't think you could run them out, to noisy. Yes the allen bolts were removed.

  6. Kremer901

    Uhhh......... did ya take out the two allen bolts????


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