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Vance and Hines Short Shots Staggered

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  1. MechWarrior

    Well they arrived yesterday and I installed them on my bike.. just read the general instructions and they're pretty common sense stuff after that..

    Removed the top oem pipe and the bottom oem end .. which came off right in the middle... Slipped on the VnH Straight slip on in the bottom and put the top one to the cylinder.

    I was able to reuse the top gasket and the bottom one.. DOES NOT NEED A GASKET. I had to make 2, 20 mile tripes to the dealership to finally find that out.. so save urself the trouble.

    After i got them done .. had i not been runnin around for parts for 4 hours... it would have taken me no more than an hour to take off and install...


    hhahahaha man they are sickkkkkk I love them... Its like a monster takin off when i first turned it on i was like WHOOAAAAAAA

    I must say it was the best 280.00 I ever spent. Im well pleased.. Thank you VnH.

  2. predd

    mine should be here tomorrow

  3. MOJOE104

    Did you order these online?? If so, what site did you buy them from?


  4. predd

    I got mine from GMCyclesInc on Ebay, I got it and a dynojet jet kit for about 320 shipped

  5. duffdhekamer

    These are the pipes I am wanting also.. My only concern would they be too loud I would get ticketed?

  6. MechWarrior

    I got mine at

    They cost me 284.00 out the door and shipping is free.

    Thats the cheapest ive seen out there.


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