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Valve adjustment VStar 1100

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  1. trakon

    I have the shop manual however, since I am not a math guru, the manual says I have to rotate the flywheel clockwise 290 degrees. How do I know when I have reached the 290 deg?

    I never had the valves adjusted from when the bike was new. At 8000 miles I took it in to a non-dealer shop and they told me they needed VERY little adj. Then why does the owner manual require them adjusted at such short intervals. Is it so the dealer can make extra cash? I have owned Yamahas since the eighties (yes just Yamahas) and I have NEVER followed the owners manuals as far as regular maint is concerned. I believe most of it is so dealers can make a quick buck.

  2. 2WheelPik

    Here's the instructions I used without any problems. I'm not sure how the shop manual reads, but maybe this will help:


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