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Vacation 07

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  1. Pobz

    Just got back from vacation...what a trip. Rode my Strat S, with 5 friends (Harleys and a Vulcan) from the Atlanta, ga. area to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, with side trips to York ( H-D CVO plant, Hershey (chocolate town, USA), and Washington, D.C. The trip back was down SkyLine Drive and the Blueridge Parkway,579 miles of mountain and valley roads with a top "posted" speed of 45mph. Total of 1999.7 great miles.

  2. wzdar6

    hi Pobz i ride the blue ridge parkway quite often. what section was your favorite? i usually ride the section between blowing rock and the brevard area. i like the mt. mitchell area best. some of the roads leading to the parkway are better than the p-way. highway 80 leading to marion is curvey. you can check your own taillight in a few haven't rode the area between brevard and cherokee yet but plan to soon. it sounds like you have a great trip. i haven't had a overnite trip yet. did you camp or use a motel?

  3. VzdarManiac

    I'm heading out next with with Joe Thunder for a cross Southern Ontario ride. Any pics of your trip you can put in the gallery for us to see?


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