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V Star Tank Emblems

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  1. CindyD22

    Hi all.... any one have ... or know where I can get my hands on some V Star Tank emblem23s??? Would like the ones with the star burst..... but willing to look at any options..

    Bought my bike used and it was custom painted.. .I have repainted and want the emblem23s to put back on...

    Any ideas or suggestions much appreciated!!!

  2. dedonga8

    I have some off of a 2004 vstar 1100 classic if you are interested pm me thanks

  3. BWfVA74

    I would check out ebay. I got some Roadstar Emblem23s which sounds like what you are looking for, for something like 25 bucks shipped I believe but its been a while. Just check there first, lots of cheap and good condition stuff for our bikes there. You will just have to get some double sided tape and tape over the back and cut off the excess

  4. quicgmicg

    Post a note in the Hock Shop too....most guys are taking the emblem23s off, so there should be quite a few laying around.

  5. CindyD22

    Thanks... as far a ebay... i have found a couple but was outbid because i was out of town.. LOL.. I keep looking there...

    Thanks for the replies... getting a couple of hits...

    And oh I did put a mesagge in the Hock Shop too...

    Thanks again...


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