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  1. Coolpreese

    Howdy! I'm a new V Star owner . Just bought an '02 1100 Classic yesterday. It is solid black and tricked out to the Silverado style...really clean and sharpe. It has 9600 miles and previous owner says he did not have 8000 mile service done having been called into the war. There was no manual with the bike and I have ordered a shop manual. What service needs to be performed at 8000 miles and should I wait for maint manual to perform? Or...being a novice with this bike, should I pay a dealer to do the work?


  2. 2WheelPik

    Depends - I personally like the satisfaction I get doing the work myself; but I have been working on bikes and cars for a while. I wouldn't pay a dealer to do any regular maintenance, but if something complex or vital (change a tire, brake pads, etc) needs replaced then I would think twice.

    I can't recall the specific 8K services, but I know the oil is to be changed and I believe the filter (at least on the '06 they recommend every other oil change to change the filter, but that may be because the filter is a b!+(# to get to.!)

    I know I didn't help, but I have an '06 and not sure if anything has changed.

    Welcome to the group!

  3. Coolpreese

    My bike has a "Big Air Kit" installed which, I believe moved the oil filter to a more desireable location.....I may be wrong. I hear the original location was difficult, to say the least.
    I decided to wait till I get my Clymer shop manual to do anything.
    I am truely having a blast riding this new toy. My wife complains about the noise of the muffler, but I love it. I still have the stock mufflers just in case the neighbors also start complaining.

    This forum is rather new compared to the Goldwing fourm. I believe it can be just as good with more users and time.

    Thanks for the feedback.


  4. wzdar6

    you are right Coolpreese. this can be a great site. just got to get it up and running. welcome to the site. sounds like you have a great place to ride in the vol. state!! planning on a ride in the near future to Boone N.C. and on to
    Bristol Tenn. its really prettty in that area by truck it has to be better by bike!!

  5. Coolpreese

    Yes...beautiful country. I live on a ridge 8 miles outside Lynchburg, TN, a favorite gathering place for all kinds of bikers. What's really ironic is that Moore County where Jack Daniels Distillery is locate, is dry. But that don't keep people from visiting. We rode to Lynchburg this morning for breakfast. Come visit some time.



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