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V-Star 950's Lemons ?

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  1. Shebhertezz

    Mcgally, If you haven't already done so, I suggest doing an Advanced Search using the keywords, "engine, noise, ticking", etc. on their own or in combination. Make sure you select the 950 forum for where to search or you'll get posts from everywhere . I just did a quick search and there's lots of posts concerning this. For some the noise was normal; for those who found it excessively loud, the issue was valve clearance. Good luck!

  2. Mcgally

    Yes Mame,
    I've been all over it .. My wife is from Japan so if it is a problem I can get her to write to head office ...

  3. DennisM

    When I first bought my 950 ,it was more than a tick a was a clakity clak, the dealer didn't want to do anything, he said he would check another 950,

    I took it to another dealer at 1000 miles, the problem was the valves came from the factory way out of spec. they were adjusted and it was reduced to a tolerable slight ticking with 10w50 oil.

    THe problem I see is that it seems that some are coming from the factory that way and since they are inherently noisy they dont boither to check them and they tell you its supposed to be noisy, but a expierienced ear can tell the difference right away.

    The second dealer's sservice manager started my bike up, and right away said it was not normal.

    I wonder how many folks are out there driving them with the valves incorrectly adjusted just because everyone says they are noisy.

  4. Mcgally

    They said the valves were out and set them ..

    but I took it out and the darn thing ticks just as loud as before ..

    I demanded to take a 950 that was on the floor right then and there ..
    It was not as bad as mine ... and so I have more tests set for Monday ...

    no way a nice 950 that looks that good should sound like a lawn mower ..

    we will see ...

  5. DennisM

    While its a great bike, I know I owned one, they really need to try and quiet them down a bit.

    2009 was their first year, If enough folks complain, maybe they will do something to quiet them down.

    You should not hear the valves way over the exhaust, at least not if you want to sell as many bikes as you can.
    I know of many other bikes that are air cooled that dont make such a racket.

    IT could be to much aluminum in the design which could enhance the valve tick.

  6. Mcgally

    should not hear the valves way over the exhaust

    My thoughts exactly ...

    as I have said before a bike as three points


    the valves on this 950 make up 40% is not more % of the noise ...
    no way will I except that ...

    if it's not fixed, My wife is Japanese and they will hear about it in the corporate head office in Japan ...
    Hell next year I'll be in Japan and might even drop by Yamaha ...

  7. yhoower

    I still think it's just something with your bike Mcgally. I really don't have that problem at all and definitely can hear my stock exhaust over any engine noise.

  8. OgieRiter

    Mine were pretty loud as well and it turned out they needed to be adjusted. Mcgally Im sure all will be well when you get it back.

  9. Mcgally

    I'm sure I'll get an answer in the end ..

  10. ZMAN6

    I just bought a 09 950 about a month ago. It has 1400 miles on it now and has the same issue. Took it to the dealer twice, both times I was told the issue is normal. The guy in service said this is a known issue on the 950 and he has already had several people come in complaining about it. He also said the Yamaha rep told him to "expect people to come in complaining about engine noise on this bike". I just had this bike serviced at 600 miles using Yamalube 10w40. He recommended switching to 20w50 next time the oil is changed. I also get the feeling since this is a known issue on these bikes that the dealers don't want to fool with them to make them right. This is probably my first and last Yamaha..

  11. Mcgally

    The 950 is a great bike over all but the ticking noise is far too much.
    I have taken my bike to 3 different dealers and all say ya it's too loud but Yamaha says don't fix it ...
    I've called Yamaha Canada and they told me that if it is noisy but Yamaha can show it operates ok they even if overly noisy will not fix
    I'll never buy a Yamaha again ... trouble is I'm 40yrs old and I've got cancer with about thee years to live and this was to be my last bike....
    So now I need to push to get it fix or sell the darn thing loose at least 20% and take more time to buy a Shadow or something the likes
    No way I want to ride around with that D*mn ticking ...

    what it comes down to is that any other comparable bike should not be making such a sound ..

    Also I wonder how many weekend or lady riders who might not know this is wrong and are riding around with this problem and have not brought it to Yamaha's attention

  12. Mcgally

    I wonder if a 1300 could fit in a V-star 950 ?

  13. zmogejyoe

    No ticking problems on my 950, it is pretty quiet and smooth sounding running now at 2K miles. If you have Lemon laws in your state check to see how many times you need to have it serviced before it can be declared a lemon. I would not take the word of the dealer that sold it to you, get it checked by some reputable non-dealer shops.

  14. Mcgally

    I'll be going around to have a few estimations to see if and how much can the bike can be fixed for ...

  15. RitkeRunner

    My buddy who has a Suzuki C50 wishes it was as quiet as my 950. Since mine is the only 950 I've ever heard I don't have any thing else to compare it to.

  16. Bokobob95

    I have not checked, but believe the warranty provides a binding arbitration settlement process althought that leaves you in the cold if you don't "win"...

    Also, in some cities, they have a "whistleblower" tv service where you can go to the whistlblower with an issue such as your's show them the facts adn then they go to teh retailer and see what they can do..around where I live they ordinarily get results favorable to the customer most of the time, and then they explain it on tv, show the customer's original gripe, then their inquiry to the retailer, adn finally the retailer's response, which is usually to make things right from the customer's point of view..

    I would be very upset myself if I were going through this.

    I wish you well with your health issue..maybe you still have several years of quality life remaining, despite doctor's opinion.

  17. Bokobob95

    I also want to say that I had an 08 Suzuki C50 for a year or so and it was noisy noisy noisy, as is my current Kawa Nomad (Nomad is the solenoids I'm told) and by now means is my 650 Classic Silverado quiet as I would like it to be..

    All regards,

  18. Mcgally

    I love the bike fit's me like a glove, loads of power, looks great
    but that ticking ....

    I can only hope for the best ..

  19. DennisM

    one sure way to silence the noise is to get a set of after market pipes, and they will drown out the ticking.

  20. Mcgally

    aftermarket pipes is a good idea and I would like to get them in a year when the warranty is over

    But I can't see why I need to pay good money to fix a problem that should not be there ...paying double to run synthetic oil is another idea I have heard too ..

    a guy told me today to try premium gas too

    all seems a bit much on a bike that was hailed to run out of the box smooth on regular gas and oil

    but I do appropriate the ideas


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