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V-Star 950 LT $9000

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  1. zlj

    Unfortunately I have to sell my '09 V-Star 950 LT. I've only put about 1,100 miles on it. I added a luggage rack, and also purchased the extended warranty.

    Thanks ~ zlj

  2. Shebhertezz

    That's awful. I'm so sorry to hear that. Hopefully you'll be back on another bike one day soon. I don't think you'll have problems selling. Spring is coming with new buyers and the 950 is an awesome bike.

  3. VTvinChic

    Hope you aren't getting out of riding. If not, I wish you a speedy return to the saddle.
    But I have to ask- what did you add or mod to make it an "LT"? There is the 950 and the 950T, so makes a 950LT? Extra luggage? Loaded with chrome?

  4. zlj

    Oops! That's the unofficial moniker I adopted sometime back. I was reading one of the mags that featured the 950, when I came upon the term as used by the author of the article. I seem to recall something about it being referred to as a "Light Tourer" -- hence the "LT" tag.



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