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V-star 650 OIL LEAK

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  1. Rite2ewer

    am in need of an independent mechanic in Carlsbad New Mexico.
    discovered an oil leak and dont know where it's coming from.
    have cleaned everything and everywhere that i can possibly reach, but the leak remains......

  2. retzdaret

    Can't help with the local mechanic, but there are only about 2 spots on these things that leak. Which side of the bike is the leak on? Do a search on oil leaks in the forum and you will see some pics that might help.

  3. Rite2ewer

    the leak is coming from the left side. have pulled the the starter and drive shaft covers.

  4. retzdaret

    It's prob the neutral indicator switch. If you do a search on "oil leak" there is a pic of one. You just need to replace an o-ring to repair it.

  5. webster98

    in the future it would be most helpfull if you described the location better and more specific as well as anything you've done to trace where its coming from. remember we dont know the problem23 or can see whats going on so all we can go by is your description of the problem23.

    the people at this forum know as much if not more then most mechanics out there, the only difference is the mechanics have more training and tricks of the tradeand IMO are best used for the big/hard jobs and those requiring special tools

  6. redoak84

    the leak is coming from the left side. have pulled...

    I just went thru this with the Ol' Lady's 650. It turned out to be the side cover gasket over the stator. Easy enough to change. Kickstand has to come off, so make sure you have a reliable M/C Jack. Bought the gasket from Bike Bandit. Love these guys, prices for OEM parts is more than reasonable. MUST make sure that when you tighten up the allen bolts, you don't over do it. You are going into aluminum threads, and they strip very easily, and thus will not seat your gasket very well, and leaks will keep on coming. Hardest part of this job is lining up the idler gear when you put the cover back on.


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