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V-Star 1100 Classic - Starter question

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  1. zheb99

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a little question concerning my 2001 V-star.
    While starting the bike cold (sitting in my work parking lot for 6+ hours on a NY summer day), twice now the starter has stuck while trying to turn the engine over. Once after the engine fully started.

    When this happens the starter continues to wind even if I put the bike in gear, drop the kickstand, hit the kill switch, pump the starter button, and anything else short of disconnecting the battery. The first time this lasted for about 1-2 minutes before my attempts managed to stop the starter (what I did, I still don't know). The second time it went on for at least 5 minutes... The problem is not consistent. It was a month or more between the 1st and 2nd time this happened and I rode it plenty in between.

    Has anyone else has had experience with a problem like this? I've had the battery tested and it appears fine, but I haven't been inside the starter box (next to my throttle).

    Any tips would be appreciated... I know the starter won't be able to take that sort of punishment for very long.


  2. 1CuzdominFL

    Maybe the solenoid under the seat is sticking? If it sticks after the bike starts up I would think the starter clutch doesn't want to disengage.


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