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  1. kdbrich72

    This is the first fuel-injected bike I've ever owned. I know with the old 650 I would have had to re-jet the carbs if I put new pipes on. Might be a dumb question...but if I put new pipes or a slip-on, or any other mods to the airbox/exhaust system, do I need to do anything else?

  2. KimGI412

    A fuel management system is a popular choice once modding starts. It takes the function of rejetting and fixes the lean fuel/air mix. My order just arrived, got the Cobra slashdowns, the Cobra FI2000R O2 and a Baron big air kit. Can't wait to get it on the bike, 3 days for a day off...can't wait...

  3. BuzhBoj

    A fuel management system is a popular choice once modding...

    If going with a Slip on, nothing more is required as the O2 censor is placed before the muffler

  4. kdbrich72

    If going with a Slip on, nothing more is required...

    So for a couple hundred bucks I can upgrade the exhaust? Outstanding.

  5. Frokkj

    I have added pipes and a new air box as of last night.. I have been running the pipes for a year and was advised very heavily to get a power commander and on my own accord I also got the auto tune. I got Cobra speedster longs and love them. The power commander helps to manager the fuel ratio and the auto tune helps to continually tweak it.

    I put out a question to everyone earlier in the do it yourself mods, but did not get any response, but I was curious if anyone knows once you add the S & S custom air kit, along with the pipes and the power commander V and the auto tune, what map should I go with?> Do I start over with a zero map, go with the stock pipes and stock air map or stay with what has been tweaked so far, but that was with my stock air box.

    If anyone can help with this, that would be great....


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