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up late, wild ideas...need opinions.

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  1. pikzhavn

    Ok, some of you may have seen the pix I posted after painting my bike flat black....I'm thinking about adding some red. The belt guard, maybe powder coat the wheels....I donno. Then, I'm thinking about putting some red and cream old school style pinstripes on the tank. I always liked the look of the HD Crossbones, and I recently saw one in black denim with red highlights. It looked pretty sweet. Now, I was planning on doing all of this BEFORE seeing it, but now I really want to. Yay? Nay?

  2. vito54

    Since you are asking.....go for it. Matte black / red is the classic ratrod color combo and even though it's a modern bike, the 1300 has a certain art deco vibe to a very round about way, (at least to me it does).

    Consider keeping the red accents to a minimum.....maybe none at all, and do the subtle red / cream pinstriping. Go the "Less Is More" route and I think you'll end up with a nice looking scoot once you're finished.
    Keep us up to date with plenty of pics. Good luck...with whatever you decide to do.

  3. kamezbanger

    black with red highlights is one of my favorite color combos...I would put the cream in last...just to make might be happy without it.

  4. cazilwer

    black with red highlights is one of my favorite color...

    +1! Sounds like a winner! I would keep the cream to a minimum, but I think I like this. Post pics! Can't wait to see pics if you do it - I think it would look awesome.


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