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  1. Tacgtriwer

    Well I ride a air cooled V Star 1100 in Phoenix traffic on a daily basis and no problems.

    As for the size of bike to start out on, purchase the bike your heart desires. You are going to ride it, not bench press it. Ive watched a lot of the Motorman DVD and he says in there that bike weight, size is meaningless when riding if you know technique. Concentrate on technique every time you ride on the bike you love. If you dont know technique a little 250 has enough size and power to slam you to the ground and split your skull.

    Make sure it fits you when you leave the dealer, they may have to change a few parts or adjust some things but oh well.

    The thing is, when you get tired of the little bike you are going to get bubkis for trade in value.

    The other thing is, if you see your bike as a temporary step on the ladder, you are not going to bond with it and you will take care of it less, and be more prone to mess ups.

    As for the 950, I saw one in the store the other day. I was impressed. A lot of bike for the money. I dunno if I would try a cross country 2 up with it, but for a single rider or short distance 2 up it should be more than adequate for the purpose.

  2. Gman16827

    Ok this will be close to home for ya since I to live in Maryland. I ride an 07' Roadstar which has a 1700cc / 102 air cooled V-twin engine. Heat, humidity, stop and go traffic......not a problem!

  3. dveag29

    The thing is, when you get tired of the little bike you are going to get bubkis for trade in value.
    Not sure where you get that from. 250 Rebels, Ninjas, Stars and the like sell like hotcakes on the used market and hold pretty good value. Trade-in value for any bike is going to be terrible.

    And the GS500....forget about it! Those things last about a day on craigslist or cycle trader.

    Another reason I highly recommend a smaller used bike is the many people start riding and find that it isn't for them. I can't tell you how many people start with the "I've always wanted....." and end up with "Well, it's not what I expected..." It's always easier to move a $2000 bike that you paid cash for than it is a bike that you are still making payments on. With the quick turn around on those smaller bikes a new, and now confident rider, will be better equipped to make the right choice on his/her newer bigger bike.

    But, that's just my opinion. I'm outta this thread!

  4. Rop123

    I completely agree with "dveag29".

    Two of my good friends who wanted to get into cycles bought 250's two summers ago. One bought a new Rebel and the other bought a new V-Star 250, and since they were new they paid in the neighborhood of $3,800 to $4,000 out the door.

    Fast forward to last November, as the snow was getting close to Chicago they both decided to go bigger, as their experience had increased. One sold for exactly $100 less than they paid while the other sold his for about $150 less than they paid. Both sold on Craigslist within 7 days.

    The small bikes sell like hotcakes. It doesn't matter if they are new or used. Even my dealer couldn't get enough to sell last summer. He said that he was selling them to people who had first considered scooters to fend off the high gas prices.

    My advice is to buy a nice condition or even new small bike and have fun with it, learn with it and realize that they can be a lot more forgiving than a larger machine. Then, once you feel that you want to move up....sell it'll see how easy it is and you'll be surprised how much money you get back.....then go out and buy another cycle (and help the economy!!)


  5. retzdarraiter

    these are all valid points, BUT BIGGER IS ALWAYS BETTER!

  6. Rop123

    ....but "bigger" will sometimes get you to the scene of the accident "sooner"!....... avaiation we say, there are "old" pilots and there are "bold" pilots but there are no "old-bold" pilots......slow and cautious and allow for the natural learning curve would be my preference.

  7. fadplac2

    Redstarraaider i live in Aberdeen.

  8. pigeryass

    I must say, I think everyone is right. Start with the MSF class and start small. I started with the GZ250. I do love my 950 because it is nice to ride, however I'm glad I started small. Hope this helps.

  9. tyzcarap

    If you don't want to start out small because the bike will look wimpy or something like that, there are other options...

    Try a Johnny Pag Spyder 300 chopper. You can pick one up used for around $2500. Brand new they are $4100. AWESOME looking bike. It is pretty dependable and has a great support network.

    I have one, and have now upgraded to the Star 950. I will still be riding my Johnny Pag though (because it looks great, sounds great, and gets 70 mpg cruising at 65 mph)

  10. Rop123

    Just my opinion, but I think that the Yamaha 250 V-Star (or older Virago) is the best looking small V-twin bike out there and a great first ride for someone who will eventually move to a larger V twin.

    ....and there's a good reason why they hold their value like none other.

  11. Shebhertezz

    Hi! Im also a newbie (woman) looking for my first bike. (I took the Canadian equivalent of the MSF in August. If you haven't that absolutely NEEDS to be your first step!) I have my choice narrowed down to these two. I've been "researching" for at least three months. The reviews (magazine and readers' reviews) are very positive for both. Have also sat on them at the dealerships several times. Both are beautiful looking bikes. Being 54, I don't want to buy a smaller bike to "cut my teeth on" and then outgrow it quickly. (Yes, I've heard all the opinions re starting small...don't want the hassle of re-selling and buying again in a short period of time. Plus I live in the country and all my riding will be highway including the mountains so I need a bike that can keep up with my husband's vstar 1300.) From what I've read and discussed with other experienced riders who know me and my skill level, either of these bikes would be something I could handle and will keep me happy for a long long time. I'm glad for this forum as I'm also looking for reviews on the 950 but ESPECIALLY FROM A WOMAN'S PERSPECTIVE. Any biker chics out there that can add to this forum?........

  12. Rop123

    If you are interested in reviews of the 950 by women you need to check this out: (from Women Rider's Magazine)

    V Star 950 review,V Star 950 test


  13. Shebhertezz

    If you are interested in reviews of the 950 by women you need to check this out: (from Women Rider's Magazine) V Star 950 review,V Star 950 test Enjoy
    Thanks! Been there. I love that website. I wish there were more websites like that for women. There's also a review of the Vulcan 900 from 2006 when it first came out. Great review of that bike too.

  14. Shebhertezz

    I bought my very first bike on Monday - the 950 Tourer in Liquid Silver! There were several deciding factors: (1) Motorcycle Cruiser's April09 issue had road rides with 5 bikes, 2 being the 900 and 950 and all the riders chose the 950 over the 900 commenting that the 950 had fixed "the warts" of the 900. Go to the thread, "950 vs. 900 LT Classic" for my post with the quotes from the article. (2) I have better ergonomics on the 950 - easier to reach the clutch and brake levers for my little hands. (3) Windshield was better sized for me. (3) I do love those hard lockable saddlebags. (4) And when I saw the Liquid Silver in the showroom, I had to have that colour!

  15. tyzcarap

    Congrats on your purchase. Really exciting getting your first bike!!!! Hope you have many years of enjoyment out of the 950!!!!

  16. Rop123

    My dealer told me yesterday that he's SOLD OUT of his 950 allotment (15 - Yam 950 standards/tours......My black cherry tour was the second to last one he had..."timing is everything!"

  17. wzdartan

    Congrats on the new bike! Have fun!

  18. DRSRoamer901

    Way to go Shebhertezz!!
    I also have the silver Tourer. I only have 150 miles on her so far but they have been good miles. Getting to know the bike has been and will be an enjoyable time. Enjoy yours.

  19. pigeryass

    Congrats! I think you will be happy with your choice

  20. kolf173

    I am 6"3 260 lbs...wanting a crotch rocket possibly r6 or yzf600r....I am a beginner....would I fit comfortably on any crotch rocket? If so, what would be a good bike to start with...??? Thanks!!


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