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Ultimate seat question

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  1. jdearmon47

    I was wondering if anyone here has the ultimate seat, and has tried to use the rider with the stock passenger seat? With everything else, I cannot afford the whole setup, but could maybe swing just the rider, and get the backrest and pass seat later if it would work...

    Thanks in advance for your continued help


  2. 4mrAkankmpr

    I e-mailed the owner about the riders backrest issue and he said that all their midrider riders seats come with the mounting hardware for the rider's backrest , so you can order the backrest later if you want or have funding issues.

  3. Logosexat79

    they state emphatically that their seat does not work with the stock passenger seat.

    you can oder the passenger seat at a later date, however in the mean time your lady will be riding on the fender

  4. jdearmon47

    I read the web site as well, but I have heard that it will fit? I was wondering if anyone had tried it.

  5. loscayun

    have seen it done it is a very tight fit. But even my seat with out the pillion seat is a real tight fit

  6. MorkKW

    They also state matter-of-factly (and very mistakenly) that their rider seat will not fit with the OEM passenger seat on the 1300. This has been proven to be incorrect time after time after time. It's a snug fit, but it absolutely still fits quite well. Ultimate seems to simply choose to not change their advertising accordingly (which is totally wrong), perhaps being hopeful of selling more seats.(???) I have the Ultimate seats and I will say that it is truly the one product for our bikes that is very ideally and appropriately named.

    Caution...this applies to those who have a spouse/significant other/adult buddy/etc., who rides with you as the passenger quite often: If you get the Ultimate seat for yourself and do not get one for them.....well....good luck with arriving home after a nice ride alone one day and finding that your locks haven't been changed - ha! It makes equally as much of a difference for the passenger as it does for the rider.
    Stay safe.

  7. jdearmon47

    No chance of her wanting to get on before I get the pass seat, she won't ride until it is VERY warm out, and we just got six inches of snow yesterday! I could probably get 1000 mikes on before she even thinks about it.


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