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twinmax carb sych

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  1. rajmo

    anyone using this tool to synch there carbs?is it good etc,any info on this?thank you

  2. chitter4

    this works good i bult and used one

  3. retzdaret

    I got this, much cheaper and works well.

  4. rajmo

    thanks for your replys,the gauges seem to be an easy way to do it and the ruler 2,thanks

  5. kzdar37

    Those are pretty nice. Did they require a reducer of any kind? I made the DIY manometer off the Delphi Forum, but its a little unwieldy,being on a yardstick. I like the idea of hanging a couple of gauges...

    Thanks for the heads up!!


  6. rajmo

    im using the 2 bottles of snaples trick with 2 inches of water in each bottle,its working fine and no liquids can get in the motor,water just runs from one too another until you balance ,then you have the same amount in each bottle..


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