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  1. SchoolloanconsU

    Man I hate when your at a light and it won't turn green. What do you do?

  2. chaser38

    I wait. Just as I did 2 days ago. When it turns green, I wait some more. Just like I did 2 days ago. And 2 days ago, when the light turned green, a huge delivery truck ran the opposing red light. He knew he blew it and threw his hands up in horror. It was an embarrassing and dangerous mistake. But, because I waited....I wasn't killed, maimed or worse.

    Now if you're talking about a light that is activated by weight sensors in the road and you didn't trigger it, that's slightly different. That has happened to me, too. I usually wait for one more cycle of lights and then I go when it's most safe.

    You gotta chill, brother...

  3. SchoolloanconsU

    Yeah I'm talking about when the light is activated by weight.

  4. Liwezdeam5

    By weight, you wait......but if you are on a "Coil", turn off you engine and then start it back up. This often enough to activate the light. I've go a monster magnet on the bottom of my bike, all it does is suck the man-hole covers off the street.

  5. quicgmicg

    Yeah, I hate that too. Most states have a law that allows you to "run" a non-functioning light with reasonable caution. If you run in to one of them, contact the city or state and let them know. A lot of times it just needs an adjustment to work correctly.

  6. RockRiverPowerSports88

    The sensors in the street don't work by weight, they work my magnetic mass. Large trucks often straddle the cuts in the pavement where they embed the sensors and don't put any weight in the center where the sensors are buried. If you put 10,000 pounds of aluminum over them they won't trigger. It's iron & steel that sets them off, that's why restarting or revving your engine can trigger some of them from the increase of magnetic field at startup & revving the stator on the side of your engine. I've also heard you can drop your kickstand & trigger the magnetic switch sometimes but I'd hate to take off across an intersection with my kickstand down.

    Personally I stop over a seam or line behind the walkway & rev the engine a few times or just hold it at a higher RPM. Almost always works for me.

    Ride safe,
    - Jeff

  7. PikesPeakMtnMan34

    It's only happened to me was about 4 in the morning and I just waited till there wasn't a car in sight and went right on through. In Colorado Springs nearly all of our lights are now triggered by cameras when the timers are un-activated and not the sensors embedded in the pavement...though I've felt like I've waited longer than I should sometimes for a light to change.

  8. DennisM

    Normally I just wait for the next light cycle and if it does not change to green I go ahead with caution, but if there is a car behind me I'll creep forward as far as I can and motion to the car behind me to move up and I point at the light, most people get the message, especially after we miss one cycle of a traffic light change.

    I have never been stopped for running those lights that refuse to change, so IDK how most law enforcement will react to this type of problem. I've been lucky it has never happened to me within sight of a policeman so far.

  9. Fingaz16

    I just close my eyes and twist the throttle

  10. micg10

    I just close my eyes and twist the throttle...

    that's how i go through life!

  11. fiwezdrinkmatnezz

    Yeah, I'll run it so long as no one is coming/looking. I don't have the time or gas to waste sitting around because California doesn't give a damn about motorcycle riders.

  12. ericboutin73

    Here in SC you can treat it like a 4 way stop if it doesn't change in a reasonable amount of time. Most states I would think are like this, check with your local DMV.

  13. yhoower

    Yep MN is the same way, if it doesn't change in a reasonable amount of time then go for it. Fortunately, there is only one light that I know of in my area that has a problem with motorcycles.

  14. BuppaKahuna

    Here in SC you can treat it like a 4...

    Same in WI, only crossing traffic doesn't have the stop. You can wait & proceed with reasonable caution.

  15. obxfshr58

    New law goes into effect in Va on July 1, 2011 that allows MC's to go thru after 2 min of waiting.

  16. KenT

    I will wait through a cycle or two to make sure I'm not gonna trigger the light change, then go through when it's clear. I've never understood why this has to be this way. I live in a gated community where the exit gate is controlled by one of these coils. My sons bicycle will trigger the thing but they can't get the ones at traffic lights to work for motorcycles. Maybe they don't want them to be too sensitive

  17. tmzcaine

    Has anyone ever used one of these?

  18. quicgmicg

    That's not a bad price. A friend said he had better luck with some neodymium magnets off Ebay attached the same way. But I've never seen it actually at a light that he needed it.

  19. obxfshr58

    Not sure about the other 950 riders out there but I really haven't had a serious issue with the lights in my area.

  20. RockRiverPowerSports88

    FYI: Computer hard disc drives have extremely powerful magnets (usually the expensive neodymium type) in them & busted drives can be had merely for the asking a lot of times. Bust one HDD open and you have about $100 worth of magnets if you were to buy them separately.


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