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trunk lid won't fully open

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  1. drojm

    I have a 07 venture. bought used. bike runs great. other family members have ventures also o8, and 09. both of theirs open fully or all the way up mine will only open up to a 45 deg angle is there some thing wrong or is this problem only with the o7.

  2. hik4z

    I have a 07 venture. bought used. bike runs great....

    I have not had it happen, but the hinge is the kind that you open all the way then it will not close (holds itself open) raise it all the way again then it will close..

    I have read where this mechanism can get a screw loose and jam the hinge. You will probably have to take the support bar and hinge apart to tell.

    (not to be smart, but you don't have anything sitting on the passenger seat when you are trying to open it?)

  3. M28AMECH

    The screws on the mechanism that holds the lid up in the locked position came loose on mine and did just what Al said. Jammed it all up. Had to get a few replacement screws at the local ACE hardware, a little bit of blue loctite and no more problems.

  4. drojm

    thanks guys I'll try that

  5. alvrmcuzn

    What M28AMECH '09 Venture lost a screw (dropped down into the trunk), it took some doing to get the hinge/thingie undone since the lid would only go up about 4-5 inches before it jammed. I finally managed to get it removed, put back together again with a liberal smear of Loctite on the appropriate screws.

  6. dimponetva

    Just take the whole thing Off. If you try to rebuild it, it will be a fortune. You don't need it and it opens alot easier.


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