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Trouble with new bike

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  1. viltirizhman

    Ok, so I'm posting for a fellow yammy rider who will be on this forum soon. He just bought a 2007 1100 at the stealership, it had 800 miles on it and looks great. My buddy buys it and starts home, no problems. Hits the interstate, no problems. Get off the interstate and heads home when it starts to hesitate at around 40 mph, then quits on him. He pops the clutch and it kicks over but then dies again. He took the gas cap off thinking maybe vapor lock? Lets it sit and it starts again? The petcock was in the right position, gas in the tank etc... He called me, I ran over to look at it and by then it was running. I told him that it probably sat for long periods of time and may just need a dose of sea foam? I live by this stuff but wanted to know from those with 1100 what could be causing this? Thanks alot my fellow riders!

  2. wzdartan

    I think your suggestion was a pretty sound one. Does he know how long that fuel has been in the tank, or if it might have any water in it? He might try draining the tank if he is unsure of the fuel, then add the Seafoam and run it through the bike. I hope he gets it running like it should. keep us posted.

  3. viltirizhman

    Thanks Dan, I appreciate the feedback

  4. tunc

    sounds like that is headin down the right track viltirizhman
    i got a bad lot of fuel a while ago and had a hell of a time till i got it sorted
    na we dont get SEAFOAM here so i used a fuel additive from one of the local garages and seems to have cleared the prob but im gunna put another dose thru it soon and make sure it has cleaned somthin out lol

  5. viltirizhman

    Thanks tunc, appreciate you and the feedback. I'll keep you posted


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