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Trouble In Corners

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  1. lorzpan

    Or maybe this bike handles better so you are leaning...

    Echoing the sentiments here about the Virago, its definitely got more clearance. Actually, it rides a lot more like a standard than a cruiser. As I recall, I was able to match my corner speed with my Ducati Monster. But, then again, I was totally new to bikes when I had the Ducati so I most probably was going slower.

    Compared to the Vstar, no contest. The Virago will eat it alive in corners. Oh well.

    Can you put the stock pegs back on and take...

    The stock pegs are an improvement while cornering but quite terrible everywhere else. Main reason why I changed them in the first place was because it made me feel like my feet were slipping off the pegs while cruising. Not a worthwhile compromise.

  2. Quark90

    LET IT DRAG!!! DOESN'T MATTER.. The V-Star / Dragstar doesn't make turns as well as other Cruisers because of the pegs.. I've moved my pegs forward and lifted them a bit..

    At least you don't have much wearing on your tire sides!! :-)

  3. lorzpan

    Yeah, I decided to take it slow with this bike. I have a Honda Hornet 600 that I can go nuts in the corners with anyways.



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