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  1. lorzpan

    Hi guys,

    I've had my Vstar Custom for a couple of years now, and I think it's an excellent ride. Comfy, enough power, nice looking, easy to trick out, etc, etc..But, I'm having some serious problems handling corners - I drag pegs too darn easily! Granted, I did replace the pegs with some Kuryakyn pegs which, are sort of placed more outward but still, I think things are getting dragged too easily.

    My question is, would forward controls solve the problem or is this low-slung bike just not meant for corners?

    I had a Virago 750 which had no such problems - except that I would drag the pipes from time to time but dragging pegs is a hell of a lot more disconcerting than dragging something you're not directly touching such as pipes.



  2. quicgmicg

    Is your bike lowered? How much further out do the new pegs go? Longer pegs always = easier scraping....

    These things aren't sport bikes, but at stock height you shouldn't have too much scraping as long as you are riding it like a cruiser. There have not been many complaints about it at all. Not being able to see your set's hard to tell if different controls would help.

  3. einzdan

    I have a Classic with floorboards instead of pegs and I have to do some serious leaning to scrape them. It's very rare that it happens.

  4. CruizerBruizer

    How lowered is your bike?

    I've heard and read that it's hard to drag pegs on an 1100 (I ride a '99 Custom). I have dragged mine on occasion, but usually when something was funky with the road surface like a dip for water runoff where you dip down and then up or some sort of counter-leaning angle. I agree that it's a disconcerting surprise because we don't expect it.

    My brother-in-law rides an '07 Road Star and he scrapes his floorboards all the time.

  5. lorzpan

    Hi guys,

    I have a 03 VStar 1100 Custom. I put on Kuryakyn pegs, the ones with a pull out heel rest. They're placed a little farther out than the standard pegs, like I said. But, I'm definitely scraping the heck out of them. It's gotten to the point where I catch myself sort of lifting my foot off the peg when I lean into corners, I really don't like the scraping feeling.

    Here's my bike with the old pegs. I don't think it's lowered but maybe you guys can tell:

    I'll take newer pics of the bike with the kuryakyns and post them here, soon. I guess, the simplest option would be to put folding pegs on my crash bars. Again, I don't mind scraping as long as I don't have to directly feel it.



  6. quicgmicg

    doesn't look lowered...

  7. Troober

    Well it's one of two things:
    1) Your extended pegs are reaching the ground easier
    2) Your going too fast into the curves

    and then there is alwasy the third option:

    3) Your going too fast thru the curves with your extended pegs on the bike.

  8. hik4z

    Hi guys,I've had my Vstar Custom for a couple of...

    Do you brake into the corner and accelerate out, or brake before the corner and accelerate through? Also do you sit flat on the seat, or lean toward the inside?

    When you brake the bike lowers a little, and when you accelerate the bike raise a little. Generally on chain or belt drive bikes the front is more affected, and on shaft drive bike the rear is more affected. Either way the pegs are in the middle so always affected. So you can lean the bike father over if you brake before and are smoothly accelerating through the whole corner than if you brake all the way in.

    On a cruiser you don't want to hang off like the sport bikers do, but there is a reason they hang off. On a cruiser you want to shift your weight to the inside of the seat and lean your shoulders to the inside of the corner, this moves the center of gravity of the bike without actually leaning the bike as much. With my bike having a windshield, on the rare occasions I am cornering a little faster than normal, I lean just enough to the inside so I can look around the shield instead of through it.

  9. bkman

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I've had just about every part of my bike on the ground in turns. In slow manueuvers, I've even had the crash bar dragging a little - and that never happened on my other cruisers with crash bars.

    In my opinoin, the 1100 is one of the easier cruisers to drag. I've only ridden three others, and not as much as the 1100, but I rarely ever dragged pegs on any of those. I have OEM Yamaha boards on my ride - in place of the pegs. I suppose that may have something to do with it. I only rode my 1100 about 40 miles before replacing the pegs with the boards - I couldn't stand the pegs it came with. Anyway, I drag my boards fairly frequently, but not to the point where it's annoying.

    If you are a heavier person or if you are riding with a passenger, you might consider cranking your rear spring up a click or two - less compression will give you a little extra clearance. Also, make sure your tires are inflated properly. As others have said, you can try adjusting your seating position - it will affect how the suspension reacts to corner loading.

  10. BlacgV

    Rode a Virago 1100 for five years and never scraped anything. Bought a V Star 1100 last year and it scrapes the pegs occasionally. Now I'm a little conscious of the Cobra crash bars touching whenever I'm leaning...unlike the pegs, there's no give in the bars. Probably (hopefully) not an issue as it has to lean a bit further beyond the pegs to get to the bars.

  11. Grupjkluddon

    I have an 08 Custom and I drag my pegs a lot more often than I like. But I'm used to it know, they're more like curb feelers than pegs any more. You can actually see the worn spots on the edges of my heels where my boots drag. I'm not lowered either... not yet anyway.

  12. lorzpan

    Do you brake into the corner and accelerate out, or...

    I brake before I get to the corner and speed up when I'm at the corner. I don't brake in the corner unless I have to due to some emergency or something.

    On a cruiser you don't want to hang off like...

    Ya I don't hang off, rather, I just lean my shoulder and shift my body a bit towards the corner.

    Anyway, based on the other comments here, I guess this bike has a real clearance issue.

  13. hik4z

    I brake before I get to the corner and speed...

    Or maybe this bike handles better so you are leaning farther than you did on the Virago.

  14. lem23

    the Virago has alot more ground clearance doesnt it?

  15. einzdan

    Can you put the stock pegs back on and take it for a spin to see if you get the same results when cornering?

  16. TomKajVS580

    the Virago has alot more ground clearance doesnt it?...

    Yes the Virago has alot more clearance.

  17. CruizerBruizer

    I have a Lindby Multibar and have been concerned about dragging it but the pegs hit first. Haven't gone any deeper than that.

  18. cbdklowal

    I dragged boards on a Classic and pegs on a Custom during test rides after being on them 5 minutes. I think the 1100 is just easy to drag.

  19. Fulldild1

    I don't think I've ever dragged my 1100 Customs pegs. Then again I don't wear knee pucks anymore either, since I gave up my GSXR.

  20. Grupjkluddon

    My Custom is my first bike, so maybe it's just my lack of experience showing. I do tend to ride aggressively into corners, that's no help either. I can't keep outta the throttle... sorry


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