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Triple Whammy. . .who has one?

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  • Posted by HouseOPain
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  1. HouseOPain

    I'm thinking about buying a Triple Whammy for my 2005 Yamaha 1100 because I want my signals (already have red lenses) to work as running lights and I like that the whammy has a flashing brake option.

    I can't find a review of these and am wondering what someone who has this thinks of it in terms of ease of install (supposed to be plug-n-play).

    Thanks in advance!

  2. yhoower

    One of the first mods I did on my 950 was the LED conversion including the triple whammy. Install was simple and the running lights and flashing brakes really do improve visibility. I highly recommend it.

  3. quicgmicg

    My bike is set up with only turn signals which do stop, tail and turn.....just like a car. I used a similar set up and it worked great....and still works great....

  4. lucas674

    My bike is set up with only turn signals which...

    MIck what do you have for those lights? I am looking for something to elimiNade the ugly taillight and mustache turn signals on my classic. Do these kuryakyn do the turn signals as well?

  5. Sabrehandler

    I was following a couple of bikes last fall on the way to Mont Tremblant and when they applied brakes it caught my attention right away. Needless to say that I went to my bike shop,, and got the kit right away. Being seen is very important to me and even more to the one that may meet my rear.

  6. wzdar2

    I have on mine vstar 1100 custom and like it , i am not using the strobe function cause i thought i might get hassled by police, but having the three rear lights illumiNaded is very helpful, i would recommend

  7. EXNAUTI12

    Have the Kury Trip-Whammy & D-Star Heatlikhd Modulator in my garage right now - Hope to get them installed today!

  8. mac13k

    I have one on my 950T. It was plug and play after I discovered that the unit is not pinned out correctly for the 950 and requires swapping two wires. the Only other catch is you need a torx bit to take the side cover off. Other than that, it really is plug and play. Couldn't be simpler.

  9. wzdar2

    whose using triple whammy and using the rear brake flasher

    do you like with or without the break flasher, i wanted to try the flasher but i cant find the flasher tab, so before trying to order one, i thought i would ask some of you users if you like the rear brake flasher or is it better not to use it, any legal issues using the flasher, thanks

  10. quicgmicg

    When I had one on my bike, I had it set up to flash 3 times. It worked great, no legal issues here in Arizona, but I'd check with my local constabulary to be sure.

    ...Now I have a Zero Whammy....

  11. Sabrehandler

    Here in Canada the flasher is legal and from what my friend tells me, it's quite noticeable. She was so impressed with the "eye catching" the flasher gives that she ordered one for her both of her parents.

    2 thumbs up from me.

  12. Shebhertezz

    I had mine installed in September so haven't been on the road much with it before winter hit. But I sure feel safer with it knowing I'm more visible. Here are some threads that will give more info and reviews:


    You ought to try this! (Post #6 has a video).

    Hope this helps!

  13. HouseOPain

    Thanks for all the help/advise and links.

    I was mostly wanting to know how easy these were to install, as I'm already sold on the added safety benefits. I have a Tailblazer bulb in my other bike and love knowing my break light flashes when I hit them.

    I ordered these today and will update on ease of install for other readers who might be interested in getting these.



    I installed the Triple-Whammy last weekend and it took me all of 10 min. to do. Just took off the seat, plugged it into the wire harness, zip-tie in place and done! Looks very cool now having my rear red lights on all the time, plus knowing I'm seen more when I brake with the flashing lights back there.

    I highly recommend this mod!

  14. webster98

    whenever you have the option you should always go with the plug n play version

    doing your own wiring is so easy that its easy to make mistakes and not properly sealing things, its not connecting it wrong but letting unsealed connections get oxidation that gets you later on with corrosion

  15. quicgmicg

    whenever you have the option you should always go with...

    Solder and heat shrink every connection.....

  16. 78ordon

    Solder and heat shrink every connection........

    Yep,that's how I do it. Solder and shrink tube is your friend.

  17. wzdar2

    what works best with the hear shrink to heat it

  18. 78ordon

    what works best with the hear shrink to heat it...

    I use a lighter. A heat gun will work also.

  19. webster98

    I use a lighter. A heat gun will work also....

    but use one of those long lighters or you burn your hand, they also give you the reach you need to do multiple shrinks at the same time.

    i have never used a cigarette lighter that didnt burn me lol

  20. RockRiverPowerSports88

    Solder, silicone 'liquid tape' & heatshrink over that is what I did on mine. Probably the best part of the whole wiring harness. ;D

    Ride safe,
    - Jeff


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