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trip meter visabilty

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  1. tedinncal

    I have about 1K miles on the bike now and have HAD IT with the trip meter. The digits are small, not much contrast and they are located down at the bottom and require my head to tipped to far down to see over the helmet chin bar. Worst of all is having to take my view too far of the road for too long trying to make out what it says. I do want to know how many miles are left in the tank.

    I decided to borrow a trick from a friend. He installed a bicycle computer on his MC. They make them with a lot more capability than I need. Some with as many as 9 functions. The one I installed has 8 functions and I will only be using ODO, trip 1, trip 2 and MPH. I won't have to look down at the speedo any more as it is mounted at the center of the handlebar.

    The installation is real easy. Only one wire going from the unit to the front wheel. I did have to make a bracket to mount the signal pickup. The signal is generated by a very small magnet stuck to the rim,

    Not much of an investment at $ 25. Now for the rain to quit so it can be tested.

  2. loscayun

    need picture and link to product

  3. Rop123

    Remember....there is a yellow light on the speedo that gives you a low fuel warning, and that's very easy to see.

    I've really never had too much difficulty seeing the odo or trip but I wear a half helmet. (FYI...make sure that you adjust the backlight on the LCD display for best visability....instructions are in the manual)


  4. loscayun

    I'm use to quick glance down but with shades on I can't read the trip numbers and I have mine set to brightest setting
    I just know at my age the butt and bladder tell me when I'm close to 100 miles

  5. recumpendpop

    I'm use to quick glance down but with shades on...

    I'll bet your sunglasses are polarized mine do that and also on the LCD gas pump screens.

    NON Polarized sunglasses do not do it. No more polarized for me....

  6. recumpendpop

    need picture and link to product...

    Any bike computer will work.
    I use Cateye on my bicycles.

    Look at the computer at

    scroll down.................

  7. Hapu889

    I second Rop123 in the adjustment of the backlight on the LCD display for best visibility. I adjusted mine and had not had a problem at night since.
    Don't really look at my ODO except when I start a ride or gas up to enter the mileage into my smart phone app.
    I have a noticed that the low fuel light a couple of times. I ware a Evoline helmet so it is full face on cold mornings and half in the warm afternoons.
    Just my 2 cents.

  8. tedinncal

    The Cat Eye 8 with heavy duty cable is the one I used.


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