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Tried this Valve adjustment tip?

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  1. HouseOPain

    I just did a valve adjustment on my Honda VTX 1300 and there is a tip that makes that process MUCH easier. I tried it and it worked fantastic.

    Anyone who's done a valve adjustment might agree that the really tricky part is trying to lock down the Tappet lock nut without also moving your set adjusting screw. A member of my VTX forum offered a tip that made this a non-issue:

    Essentually, the tip consists of simply loosening the lock nut on the valve, (assuming it needs some adjustment) putting in the correct gauge and hand tightening the adjust screw to where it sets on the gauges with just enough force for the gauge to pull out with a slight drag. At this point you don't lock down the lock nut, but you crank the crankshaft watching for the valve to drop down to the lower most position. At this point there will be tension on the valves and THEN you tighten the lock nut, go a full rotation back to TDC and remeasure your gap.

    I did the valve adjustment on my VTX the old way and was tearing my hair out (I only had one ) in frustration because tightening the lock nut would keep making my gap too tight with it moving the adjustment as I tightend, but with this method, it was where I set it every time after tightening.

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried this technique on the 1100 VStar valve adjustment to make it easier.

  2. chaser38

    To Answer you question, No. But I'm going to copy you suggestion down for future reference. Thanks for sharing!

  3. einzdan

    That makes 2 of us that copied it.


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