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Tricked out 950

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  1. BRASMAN182

    Check out the 950 at the bottom of this page. The only nicer one I have seen is the one Yamaha had done for their adds.

  2. Toronto71

    Very nice. Wondering where to get that tiny windshield. Very nice.

  3. mongoslow10

    have to say i dont like it i bought my 950 for its looks;mag wheels, 2into1 exhaust and a 2 piece seat that i can make into a solo bike.

  4. yhoower

    I like it! Gives me some ideas for a project bike if the wife doesn't grow into my 950. LOL

  5. BRASMAN182

    I prefer mags myself but I can not help the looks of that bike. The Daytripper looks nice on it as well. The views of the seat on the bike give you a good Idea of what it would look like. The light bar also looks better than I thought it would.

  6. nu2w329

    Happen to see this bike in an add for a charity event:

    Like BRASMAN182, I too always liked the 950 that Yamaha used in their print ads.

  7. ButTheGrej

    Happen to see this bike in an add for a...

    I was about to say, "that's the bike they raffled at STARDays".

    I didn't buy a ticket for same reasons mongoslow10 stated: They replaced all the stuff I like about the 950.

  8. fourechodog61

    Very nice. Wondering where to get that tiny windshield. Very...

    That looks like the 'Boulevard' windshield from Yamaha, I got one on mine from the dealer. They break the wind about like a Ninja sized fairing... it keeps it off your chest, but not out of your face. And, it doesn't look like a windshield.

  9. Toronto71

    Thanks fourechodog61. And thanks to you and the Patriot Riders. They helped when I was stationed down at Fort Benning and pulling funeral detail. Also at Fort Riley.

  10. nsmustang41ol

    i seen a nicer one right here...


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