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  1. Lezder

    I'll be in the mid-state area for 4 months starting in April. Just poking around on craigslist and other sites to see if there is places to go, what to do,who to ride with and places to stay away from. I'm bring down the Raider and will hopefully traveling most of the area. Any body got some input on the area or maybe from that area that could help out an Alaskan boy.

  2. cawell

    Where ya goin, Austin area? Tons of places to ride around there, good fun downtown too.. Lots of places around there too, between Austin and San Antonio. About the only decent scenery in the state is in that area.

  3. Lezder

    Like the Midland, Odessa, San Angelo area, and hopefully over to San Antonio at times.

  4. cawell

    I've only been to San Angelo once, small college town. I call it the "armpit of Texas" cause there's NOTHING around there.. Try to make it over to San Anton or Austin some more, you'll definitely have more fun.

  5. Lezder

    Thanks man! Thats some good info. The state of Alaska is sending me to school down there and I'll be damned if i miss my chance to see some of the cool stuff there and sweet the places to party it down.

  6. TrojRaiter

    Ride the Three Sisters at Leakey. This is one of the best rides in the whole state.

    Try staying at D'Rose hotel. A real cool place that only caters to 2 wheelers.

    Lots of great twisty roads and great scenery.

  7. cawell

    To give you some perspective of the "fun-ness" of San Angelo... Everybody was SO excited when they opened up a Buffalo Wild Wings there a few years ago..

    Make it to the Steel Penny, about the only real bar in town. Good local live music (from what I remember).

    Lemme know if you ever make it up to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area too.

  8. THUNDER160

    if you make san anto. do your self a big favor and go another 40 miles and go to bandera texas an go ride the three twisted sisters FM 335, 336, AND THE BEST ONE 337 lots of neat places to say that are very biker friendly and also you will need to check out arkeys blues on of the oldest bars in texas and 11th street bar, killer town.............

  9. TrojRaiter

    Oops! This is the one I mean to post:

    Just click a region on the map. Of course the Hill Country is really hard to beat.

    I went to Big Bend in November. Beautiful rugged territory. But a long ride. If ya go to Fredricksburg, be sure to go to Luckenbach, maybe Willie will be hanging around.

    I'm in Troy (Central Texas) just North of Temple & South of Waco on IH-35. Ride safe and have fun. Lots to see and lots of real friendly folks!

  10. Lezder

    This is some really good stuff. Thanks guys! I've got the list started and got some killer weekends planned. Thats cool about the two wheeled hotels and inns. we have nothing up here for riders except a pull off with a crapper but it has a good view.

  11. zaldjtok36

    That is one big ol state. Even the "middle" of Texas is pretty big. Since your from Alaska, one of the biggest states also, you probably know what I mean. I would say go deep in April my man. Take the ride to Corpus Christie and if ya can head south my man because, if it aint hurricane weather, it gets better. When ya run outta ground and you are surrounded by water then ya got to the end. Find a place to get a beer and then ride on back. Ya can't miss out on a chance like that.

  12. TrojRaiter

    D'Roses is really a cool place. All of the cabins are named after Bikes, Yamaha, Honda, Harley, etc. When you pull up there is a wooden figure on an old Yamaha and then in the yard is an old Honda 750 drag bike. The owner Will Not rent to 4 wheeled vehicles. And Leakey is a great little town. The Bar-B-Q place has a great breakfast as well as good Bar-B-Q.

    Tons of great riding. Garner State park is just down the road on the Frio River. Lots of places to camp if that is your bag. Man you are dead center of the Texas Hill country. Twisty roads through the trees that go up and down the mountain sides. In the Fall the Lost Maples State Park is great. This is Some of the best riding in Texas. But there are a lot of great places to ride in Texas. Lots of varity, from Desert and rugged territory out West to the Piney Woods of East Texas. Coastal areas from Beaumont to South Padre Island.

    It's big so, try not to cover it all unless you have all Summer. But enjoy the ride, the food and the people. You will find a lot of frendly folks.


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