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Tourmaster Sissy bag

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  1. Concrede711

    Have any of you had or have seen the cruiser II bag?

    I'm thinking about getting one for my Silverado so any thoughts on them would be welcome. This ebay seller has an OK price and he will deal at bit on his buy it now price.

  2. GaryTJ15

    My wife had one for her bike and it was Ok, but we very seldom carry a sleeping bag, so the top was not used a lot.

    She sold it and got a cruiser III and loves it. Easier to take off and on and more room. Only bad part is, I wish it had wheels like airline luggage, because she packs it full, and it is heavy!

  3. Concrede711

    I'v seen the Cruiser III bag and they look nice. I like the leather look myself. I've seen the Star tour trunk on two different bikes and I like it but it's a bit small and the cost is $460.00. They are real leather and look great but, did I say they are $464.00 (ouch)
    The fit and finish on the Tour master looks great compaired to some of the off brand bags like them.

  4. Concrede711

    The bag came in yesterday at about lunch time. I unpacked it before I went to lunch, took the mounting instructions with me to look over. When I got back I mounted it, took about 30 min to get setup only because I took it off and adjusted the sissy bar sleeve tighter. Mounting IMO was a snap. The bag is very secure. Took it for a short ride and it didn't move.

    It looks great on my 1100 Silverado, it goes well with the saddle bags and seats. The construction is sturdy, fit and finish is great and size looks to be just right, not to big not to small. I'll leave it on for now to get used to having it on the bike and to see what others think. For now I'm really happy with it.

    GaryTJ15, I don't think it would be possible to get sleeping bag in the top roll bag. It's way to small. Maybe shaving gear a few pairs of socks and small odds and ends. I can't get two rain suites in the roll bag. I will use the bag without the roll bag most of the time. It will be nice to take on a longer trip.


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