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  1. manicmechanic893

    I was woudering if anyone out there has a tool bag on there 1300? And where did you place it. I just got one from yamaha. The directions are not very clear. I have the non tourer vstar.

  2. nvquatriterz

    The main tool bag goes under the seat in the plastic tray above the battery. There is a 2nd tool bag that I got which has shock adjuster wrenches in it, which doesn't need to be carried on the bike. It's in my tool box in the garage...with other specialized tools for working on bikes/quads.

  3. Renfielt

    If you mean the leather tool bag, it traditionally gets mounted to the windshield or below the headlight on the fork.
    But feel free to get creative - and post photos!

  4. manicmechanic893

    Just to clear things up this is the tool bag that I am talking about. I tryed to fit it under the head light it's a tight fit and will make it hard to open the bag. A pic of my bike. Ideas I am open. Been trying just about anything that I can think of.

  5. Renfielt

    That's the bag I thought you meant. But those are the only two positions I've seen 'em mounted (shield and fork).

  6. manicmechanic893

    yhea it's got me stumped. I have no idea.

  7. Renfielt

    Unless you're violently opposed to shields, you could look into a shortie for the bag.
    I found out with my prior bike that, as much as I love the naked look, I gotta have storage for rain gear, tools, bungees, etc. So mine's the Tourer. But I take off the shield for local travel in summer heat.
    Good luck!

  8. manicmechanic893

    Thanks Renfielt. I will figure something out. When I do I will post pics. There is a bike show comming in town this weekend I am going to, maybe I will get some ideas there.

  9. chilibebber

    You may want to try and lay it on top of the light and strap it to the handle bars. maybe?


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