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  1. kunner

    Have 2002 yamaha V-star 1100 Front tire has a cut in it. Has dunlop 404s on it Now, Put 3,000 miles on it since I put the bike. Wondering if I should go back to same tire or is there something else worth looking at. Also do you change them as a set. rear tire approx. 50% gone.

  2. poppj

    I have avon venom on my 1100....they last twice as long as the dunlop...they hold the road in the turns better also....they cost more....bob

  3. LiddleBen

    I've always run Dunlops too. I think I will go with avons or Metzlers next time. You can replace the front seperately. I usually get twice the wear on the front as opposed to the rear. therefore I buy 2 rears to one front., L.B.


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