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  1. yumbinyoe354

    Hello,i own a 2008 1700 road star silverado. I need new tires and do not know which is the best ones to buy.any ideas? I have spoked wheels.and want black side walls. Thanks.

  2. Jonezpoj

    Last tires I had on my bike were Bridgestone Spitfire II, got about 14,000+ out of them. This time I went with Dunlop 404 a little cheaper, looking to get around 10,000+, but like the handling better. Go to www, they have pretty good prices, I just take my tires off and down to the local dealer, they charge $30 to R&R both tires.

  3. yajare

    You will get a lot of different points of view on this one. I use AVON Venoms and will not use any other. Like I said though, lot's of different opinions.

  4. DLC11

    I own the same bike, installed Metzler 880, you won't believe the difference in handling

  5. roatzdarriternov

    i had to replace my stock bridgestones at about 8000 miles due to cupping on the front tire which caused a front end wobble which i hated.

    i went with the avon venoms on front and back and like them alot.
    they even have little snake heads on the sidewalls.

    i was told to keep the avon tires inflated to 45 psi, and not at what was written in the owners manual which is 36 psi .

    i had metzelers on my 2000 vulcan nomad and liked those also.

    now if it ever warms up here....maybe i'll get to ride again......

  6. oltvolf1

    went with Dunlop 404 due to availability and wanted blackwalls. Hate dthem and they didn't last. Think the Road Star testes their weight limit. Changed to Michelin Commander Cruisers. Fantastic ride and control with these tires. No idea on how well they will wear because I haven't had them long enough. Great price from motorcycle tire super store online.

  7. BizhobRoatSdar

    Metzler 880 WWW best for all around. Smooth ride, good wear and WWW looks GOOD!

  8. yhoower

    Oh boy! Here we go again!

  9. grnlantern2

    I own the same bike, installed Metzler 880

  10. dos

    I replaced my stock Bridgestone with a Metzeler 880. I could not tell any difference in handling at all. I only saw 2 differences: 1) my wallet was a whole lot lighter and 2), the Metzeler was at the wear markers 600 miles sooner than the stock Bridgestone was.


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