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  1. IntjRaiterRiter

    Gonna get new rear tire.. if money wasn't a faactor what tire would you guys recomend ???

  2. kuitozwzdar

    metzler,believe thats all they build is bike tires

  3. aogzz

    Great Prices at motorcyclesuperstore dot com

  4. quicgmicg

    Black ones that are round....I'd call Shane at SS Custom Cycle and see what's hot right now. He's always got great input and great prices.

  5. CruizerBruizer

    I have an Avon Venom on my rear wheel and love it.

    Metzelers are widely liked and recommended but I understand they're making some of them in Brazil and the quality of the Brazilian vs. German tires leaves something to be desired.

    I also have a Continental on the front that's tons better than the OEM Dunlops, but so are two-day-old donuts!

    The guy I got the Conti from also said he sold a set of Pirelli Night Dragons to a guy and after 7000 miles they looked brand new.

    Lots to choose from...good luck! Best advice is Mick' to a tire professional about various options. How, where and what you ride all factor in your decision.

  6. MorkKW

    By the way, I'm a big fan of the Elite 3, Avon Cobra and Metzeler. With that said, contrary to what some have imagined and whatever truths have been bent, there isn't an iota of difference between the quality of a world-wide tire manufacturer's product made in Germany, or Brazil, or Europe, or the USA, or......same stringent requirements....same testing....same everything. With much of the world's rubber supply coming from Brazil, it's only natural that they also have some of the best tire plants located there, including tires from Metz, Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Toyo, Pirelli, Continental, etc.

    Besides, the highly isolated issue that was mentioned that Metz encountered there did not even involve tires that are the size used on our 1300. Anything stated beyond this has been totally fabricated. After passing the original info from person to person to person, the story seemed to move farther from the truth in each instance. Do your research and get your stories straight. You'll discover exactly as I have. Or, if you prefer doing nothing, you continue to take the German made tires from whichever company you prefer and I'll gladly take their Brazilian made tires. Whew! Okay, I believe I'm done with this one. : )

  7. rekkae3
    Here's a link to the pirelli night dragon review(Mar. 14, 2008). At 4k I hope I don't need new tires yet but if I did I think I would look into these for a couple of reasons 1. they seem to grip really well 2. looks like they last a reasonable length of time. But guess we will have to see as time goes by

  8. MorkKW

    That tire, Mr. R., is being highly touted by those who have them, but...and yes, once again, there is a big BUT (1 't') that is involved here....

    The Pirelli Night Dragon is NOT yet offered in sizes that will fit your bike, nor mine. It's primary "initial" fitment was targeted solely for the Harleys. There will be other metric sizes forthcoming, but not in 2010. FYI, their front bias tires are made in Germany and their rear radial tires in Brazil.

    NIGHT DRAGON: this tire is for aggressive CRUISER riders wanting the very best traction available in both dry and wet conditions. It is a very sticky tire and is said (by the tire techs at Pirelli/Metzeler) to offer the best handling characteristics of any cruiser tire made today. It was said that it's for those riders who enjoy dragging their pegs, or floorboards, thru the twisties. The TRADE-OFF: it definitely will not last nearly as long as some of the other tires, i.e. Metzeler ME880, Dunlop E3, due to it having a softer compound. Again, this came directly from the horses mouth, or in this instance, from one of the main tire techs located at their Pirelli/Metzeler HQ office in Rome, GA.

    There ya have it, sir. Best to you and the Mrs.

  9. kamezbanger

    Avon Cobra

  10. quicgmicg

    the thing I most often hear is ...... "The new tires I just put on are WAY better than the ones I just took off, those old tires were JUNK".......please keep in mind that a new tire will always feel far better than an old other words....the worst new tire will feel better than the best worn tire.

    I could put a new Pirelli, a Metz and any number of other brands on a series of the same cruiser style bikes and I'd bet a weeks salary that no one would notice a difference just by riding each bike, nor could you tell me what brand your currently riding on without looking at the label.

    These are cruisers ...not race bikes..... you just aren't putting that kind of stress on the tires to notice much of a difference. Some wear a bit longer than others.....that's about it.

  11. vakonman

    Well put Mick. As usual you have supplied a fresh perspective and sound advise.
    I always learn something from your common sense approach. Thanks.

  12. quicgmicg

    Thanks vakonman. Tires are like another of those topics that come up all the time, like what kind of plugs, oil etc .. that pit brand against brand. It's the "politics and religion" of motorcycle forums....LOL.

    When it comes to least for me, I try to support one of my GOOD local bike shops. Yes, I probably pay $10-$20 more for the tire (not including the 12 pack for the guys) maybe $35 more than mail order. What that gets me is a GREAT source of accurate information, some wild ideas, and some friends that I enjoy riding with....and even a free tire mount from time to time. For me, that's a no-brainer.

  13. Fulldild1

    I had a Harley buddy of mine tell me about Kenda Kruz. He runs them on his bike because they are a 6-ply tire, heavier weight. They are a nice "looking" tire-tread pattern. LOL they are inexpensive has anybody tried them or have anything to say about them?


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