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Time for a new dealer

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  1. forewerjounk

    I just had my local dealer install Touring Bars on my Liner. First off, They rock! Best investment I've made yet! When I got home I noticed they're covered with scratches! I immediately brought it back. So he will reluctantly "try to get it covered".

  2. krumbjolttute

    That really sucks! It sounds like my dealer, every time I have something done I get a new scratch or dig to commemorate the event. How about anyone else? I’m thinking most Yamaha dealers, sell 4wheelers and dirt bikes; they carry the Star line just to meet franchise requirements.

  3. pigrpill27

    You do have to be careful when paying a dealer to install after-market equipment. I can't speak for your experience, but my local dealer has a policy that they only install after-market stuff that you buy from them. Of course that is just another way for them to make money off the transaction. But if you bought the bar from them, they should be required to cover any damage.

  4. demingrick24

    I had several bad experiences with dealers messing stuff up in the past.
    This is why I perform all maintenance and mods myself. Most of these so called "technicians" are (IMO) not capable of doing even the simplest tasks without messing something up.

  5. VTvinChic

    Were just the new bars scratched, or did they damage your bike?

    If it's just the bars, they were probably tossed around the shop/warehouse/delivery truck before the install. With some lighting I've seen in some shops, I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't aware of the problem as they installed them. If they were tossed around the shop or mishandled, then no wonder they are reluctant to take care of it. It's easy for them to claim the bars were damaged before they arrived at their shop. They can send it back to the warehouse as damaged goods. So in reality, they're probably really only balking about losing the cost of labor to replace.

    Hope you get it resolved quickly and without cost.


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