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  1. akabemuzic

    I just bought a 2004 Yamaha Royal Star Midnight Venture. It is a very sweet ride but I have one big issue. My clutch seems really stiff. It's gotten to the point that my left hand is getting sore from engaging the clutch. It engages the gears fine - but it seems a bit tight. Is this normal? You would think for a high end touring bike that it would be a bit more comfortable. Any feedback would be appreciated.


  2. Merlin595

    The clutch on these bikes is a hydraulic clutch, and as such, will have a very different feel/characteristic from a cable operated clutch. The benefits to the hydraulic clutch are (supposed) lighter pull on bigger clutches, no need for adjustment, and easier engagement (smaller friction zone). The downside is more maintenance (fluid), the potential for leaks in the master or slave, less "clutch feel" (friction zone), and the occasional occurrence of fluid "boiling/thinout" after prolonged use in very hot climates. A lot will have to do with what you were riding before. Smaller bikes with cable actuated clutches and small clutch baskets may seem easier to pull because you are dealing with less plates and springs, so the mechanical force needed to pull them is less than larger clutches/baskets. With this said, I have not ridden your bike so I cannot comment on it, but on my RSTD the clutch pull is harder than you would expect from a "luxury bike". There is always the possibility that you have something wrong, like a bad master cylinder or such, but realistically you would most likely see a fluid leak if this were the case. Low fluid, improper fluid, or moisture in the fluid would typically result in a spongy lever with poor clutch action, so I would say this is not the case if your clutch seems to be working properly. You have to remember, the RSTD and RSV use a very heavy duty clutch basket, so actuation, whether hydraulic or cable, would require more effort than something with a smaller clutch.

    Good luck

  3. Cabri103

    Agree with most everything that Merlin595 said. However, The hydraulic clutch seems to provide more clutch feel to me than a cable one does. There are no uneven spots. it is the same amount of pull all the way through. As to the OPs question: I have not found the clutch lever pull on my RSTD to be any stiffer than any of my other bikes. When looking into the sight glass on the hydraulic clutch I can see a couple of bubbles at the top. the dealer says this is normal. I'm thinking that if your hydraulic reservoir is filled all the way it may be causing the stiffer pull....just a thought.


  4. akabemuzic

    Thanks guys. I am gonna take it by my Yamaha Service Dept and have them do a good once over on it (the spring tune up type deal) I'll ask them about the feel. My little 650 classic has a very easy pull on the clutch compared to this one. Perhaps I'll let you know what I find out.

    Thanks again for your help!

  5. zarke172

    check the pin that holds the clutch lever to the perch.these are supposed to be greased regularily,but seldom are.when they bind up,the lever is hard to pull.


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