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  1. ToniTexas11

    I am trying to change the tail light light bulbs in my new V Star 950 and for the life of me I can not un screw the cover. I don't want to strip the screws. Any ideas...or do I just take it to the dealer?? Thanks!

  2. atamr17

    There should be detailed instructions in the owners manual, If you havent already looked...

  3. ToniTexas11

    I have looked in the owners manual to see how to replace the bulb.....I think the screws come from the factory REALLY tight.

  4. Goadlocger69

    Yami LOVES to use LocTite on everything. Just make sure that you use the right size screw driver, push in hard and turn SLOW.

  5. yhoower

    Try taking a hairdryer and heating them up a little bit. That might just be enough heat.

  6. ToniTexas11

    Thank you! I am going to try the hairdryer.

  7. wildcatf5

    Heck, you live in Houston. Just put the bike outside for a little bit. Haha.


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