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throttle cable

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  1. aogzz

    Looking for the thread about removing the extra throttle cable. I seem to of lost it LOL. I even looked in the KB. What's the purpose of having two for? any con's in going to only one?

  2. quicgmicg

    The purpose of the lower cable is to have a mechanical means of closing the throttle should it become stuck.

    With that said, there are other ways of solving a stuck throttle problem (I've personally never seen it happen on an 1100) using the kill switch. I know a bunch of riders that removed it and in the years I've been around these things, I've never seen a situation where the 2nd cable would have been necessary. I can think of no reason to have the additional cable

    There is probably not much written about it because it is very easy to do. Just take the right control box apart and push the end out of the throttle handle. Repeat that process at the carb.

  3. aogzz

    Thanks Mick,
    you know i looked at it and looked at it and wondering WTF they did this for and that never came across my mind about it sticking.
    wish they made a control box w/o that hole in it now.

  4. quicgmicg

    You can pick up a little chrome plastic plug at Ace Hardware to fill the hole. After that, you won;t even see the hole

  5. 78ordon

    I removed mine as well and relocated the choke. Then put 650 boxes on.

  6. aogzz

    78ordon, yeah thats what i have in mind doing also 650's boxes. I see that you have the chrome boxes did you buy them and if so where at?
    also i see you left the lower cable on, shouldn't that be the one to remove and keep the top one?

  7. quicgmicg

    The Classic throttle cables are set up that way....Customs come forward out of the box, Classics are on the bottom.

  8. 78ordon

    I left the pull cable, like Mick said I have a Classic which is different from a Custom. I went with the 650 boxes to eliminate the slot from the choke in the l/s box when I relocated. I got them from Tim at Metric Magic.


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