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This isn't exactly a rant, or is it?

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  1. Bulltok

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you guys that own and operate this Yamaha forum that you do a great job!! It’s always a pleasure to visit here and I commend you guys for keeping politics and religion from entering the picture. I hope you continue to do so.

    I’ve been a member of other bike related forums. One in particular is a delphi forum for Yamaha 1100’s. I didn’t last long at these other forums because of the outright arrogance of some of the regulars that hang out there towards folks that are not as savvy as they themselves think they are.

    I soon became totally fed-up with the religious and political postings that would often be entered into a post that these other sites allow. I'm also referring to pictures related to religion such as those of Christ or religious crosses and bazaar pics of political members of government. These subjects in my opinion should not be part of a motorcycle forum.

    Really enjoy the board, keep up the good work!

  2. Ravhite

    We try to keep things in the proper perspective here, no religion, no politics, and no bashing........there are plenty of forums out there if people are looking for that type of activity. The administrative staff pay attention to the needs of the forum as is evidenced by the addition of recent folders and the inclusion of models outside the cruiser line. I'm sure you will see further improvements in the forum as we grow, thanks for your confidence.

  3. Pavbj

    Hey Bulltok, it sounds like a rant to me. Go ahead on, pard. I agree totally. It's a motorcycle forum, not a born again forum. Not saying there's anything wrong with the latter, just that folks can search and find it elsewhere on the net.
    If somebody's looking to bend the book and pass the word, more power to them. But I don't see where it belongs in a motorcycle forum.
    BTW, Ravhite, your response to Bulltok was dead on the money, IMHO.
    And I thank you Ravhite, for your services to our great country. MEN like you made it great.

  4. bazdorrop1

    Love the forum. Good job to the guys in charge. I for one joined the forum to discuss bikes, rides, and bikes. Thanks for letting me be a part of the forum.


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