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  1. stealthcav

    Things I learned this past week.
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  2. If there's only a 10% chance of rain, I'll be wet before I get home.
  3. I still can't ride between the raindrops, try as I might.
  4. Raindrops sting as much as they ever did 75 MPH.
  5. Lime-rock roads are greasier than I remember when wet.
  6. When the temperature outside hits 102º F the rear cylinder head gets really really really warm.
  7. When it's that hot out, if I don't close the fuel petcock and run some out of the carburetor bowl I have a real problem starting up.
  8. So, how was your week?

  • yhoower

    My week sucked Bob thanks for asking. But it's the weekend and time to play golf and ride.

  • Motayahma81

    My wife and I (riding two up) rode nearly fifty miles in a rain storm. We stopped once and when we thought the storm had let up some, we took off again only to be trapped with nowhere to hide in even a heavier downpour. I learned that my V-Star 1100 seemed nearly waterproof; it ran smooth all the way, not a sputter. The windshield kept my GPS mostly dry. The tires held their grip really well. And my skills have not eroded as much as I thought. But.... I am not waterproof and neither was any of the rain gear I was wearing. Got soaked to the bone. - torso, head, feet, underwear, everything. Gotta get a better rainsuit. I also learned that my wife is a real hardy gal. She didn't complain a bit.

  • Gina7

    My wife and I (riding two up) rode nearly fifty...

    Awe....that's a sweet thing to say about your sweetie!! I hope you show her your should earn some bonus points!

    Panama City Florida

  • micg10

    no matter how waterproof my gear is the water always seems to soak through the crutch, and it ain't fun on a cold day!

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