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There are honest dealers out there

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  1. tjknight29


    I figure alot of dealers get slammed so i thought it best to give a good news story.
    I've got an 07 1300T, that I bought 2 months ago with 5,000 km's on it. Had it certified and oil changed as part of the deal.
    I am now at 7,000 km and according to the manual it is due for service, so I call the local dealer to schedule.
    We talk about what is done at the 7K and I mention to him that I recently bought the bike certified with an oil change. He then says..."well, I want you as a long term customer, so I am recommending that you save your money and come back in the spring for a multipoint once over before riding". His rationale was that the certification and oil change covered a large part of the recommended service and I wouldn't be missing anything by not checking valve clearance for many more kilometers.
    I feel very lucky to have found an honest dealer. I have a VW for my car and get the same honesty with their service dept as well.
    The moral of the story is that there are still businesses that value a relationship over a quick buck.


  2. Goadlocger69

    Thanks for posting. We tend to only put pen to paper (or keyboard to monitor ) when things piss us off. It's nice to hear when you get treated right as well.

  3. Lrtoflamancha

    Yelp that company. Go to It is a site that lets you rate companies that you like or dislike. I have been checking Yelp for a lot of things these days and I find that once a business has been rated at least 20 times the rating seem to be fairly accurate.


  4. hik4z

    Sure in Canada, you probably have honest politicians too.

  5. SemberFiDavk

    Glad you have a good dealer ! There are some out there !

  6. Driwetapisnezz

    Yelp that company. Go to It is a site...

    Hey Rock:

    Is there a good/great dealer in the greater Sac area? Mine (in Folsom) went out of business (they were terrible) and I have to find a new one.


  7. MorkKW

    Hey DDB!

    So, you need your bike serviced, do you? C'mon down, just as Chaz did this past Nov. Our Yammy dealer here will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2011.

    As a promotion of this, all new 2011 Yamahas received at the dealership Jan & Feb will be given away free!!! Okay, that's carrying things a wee bit too far, but still, 50 yrs as a MC dealer continuing in business today is a very L--O--N--G time.

    Be well. : )

  8. Lrtoflamancha

    Best one that I have found in our area is Mallotts in Manteca. Not really any cheaper than any other dealer but they do outstanding work. They have helped me once by staying late and installing the only rear tire that I could find in stock. I have had them do several jobs that my poor skills were not up to and no problems at all. Again is your friend.


    Hey Rock:Is there a good/great dealer in the greater Sac...

  9. yazonzdyohn2

    They are setting you up for the big one later on.....hahahaaha just kidding


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