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the wife said go ahead

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  1. titan208

    So i did. and didnt hesitate. I really like this site. it helped me with my decision on which to get. Lots of helpful info and seems to be lots of people willing to help.

    2005 1100 and she rides like a dream.

    If anyone could help with the proper names of some of the extras on her i would appreciate it cause i dont know how to list them. things like the exhaust (some type of cobra maybe, stock), bags, seat (mustang, comfort cruise or stock). the previous owner bought used rode it once then parked it for a few months and didnt know about any of the items on it.

  2. 78ordon

    So i did. and didnt hesitate. I really like this...

    Looks like a nice Silverado, the Silverado comes with factory bags, windshield etc. Looks like maybe the stock seat with a back rest added. Not sure what brand but you do have aftermarket slipon exhaust. You will love the 1100! check this out for more info.

  3. gpkolfnud

    I seen 78ordon's reply and he is right on. It has Silverado package, you can get with with or without studs. they are Cobra slip-ons and has added aftermarket rider backrest. But a GREAT bike, that was what I had before. Enjoy and ride safe.

  4. zoc47408

    Congrats on your bike! Looks like you picked up a Silverado with some slip ons! Looks like you are all set to take the wife on a nice ride-have fun and be safe.

  5. SemberFiDavk

    Congrats on the bike ! Looks good !

  6. BigerDawe

    The photos show an antenna and some type of electronic device mounted on your windshield bracket. What might that be?
    I am thinking about a radio/intercom for my Strat but I want my installation to look good and be usable like yours.

  7. titan208

    it is a (cb)/radio/ipod system, it is a solo setup from L&M audio so i can not talk to my passenger but i can talk to other riders with CB's.


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