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  1. VTvinChic

    Well, now Friday has arrived, what are your plans for the weekend? Where will your 950 take you? Or, what beautiful scenery will you treat your 950 to?

  2. VTvinChic

    Saturday, DH & I plan on going wherever the front wheel takes us! Probably about a 150-200 mile jaunt up to and around Lake Erie shore.

    We will observe the Easter holiday on Sunday, but that means no riding on a beautiful day. Family first.

    Looks like 60's the rest of the week, so I'll be out and about - again, wherever the front wheel steers!

  3. cmac343

    60s???? It barely reach 58 yesterday, although nice and today 55, now rain and back in the 40s tomorrow and Easter. 250 miles in 32 days, but enjoyed every minute and am thankful even for that. That doesn't stop me from wish for more Though !!

  4. valljyar

    Short 20 mile ride to DAuphin Isand Friday south of Mobile, AL. Gulf shores, AL today. 77 degrees and this should complete my first 600 miles so I can get my first oil change next week.
    Have not riden in 40 years! Sure feels good to be out and about.

  5. formerfuss

    Wally, know what you mean. I rode in my late teens and 20's, and started back last year whith a V Star 650. It felt so good that I upgraded to the 950. For my weekend ride I took off with no real course in mind. Rode for about 2 hours all around the north side of Dallas. Did about 60 miles. Weather is great today at 70.

  6. Pekklez

    Just got home from about 100 mile ride to Swan Falls (look it up). Weather was good but really windy! Got the new windshield so that helped a lot.

  7. FretReit

    How I wish my country were bigger so that I would be able to take longer rides.

  8. valljyar

    Did not make it to Gulf Shores, AL but did get out a couple of times for about 80 miles on country roads. Warm day. I had forgotten how great it is to just be riding! I am beginning to worry how I am going to keep my yard work and honey does done this summer!!

  9. VTvinChic

    Its a day late, but here goes....

    Sunday: STAR chapter ride is cancelled because of weather.

    Saturday: A good turnout from the Ohio STAR chapters went down to Columbus for the Yamaha of Columbus opening. Had a good 372 mile round trip today. Interesting event, though, but I'll explain why in the rant column.

    Friday: DH & I milled around Amish Country (Geagua County, Ohio) for a little over 100 miles.

    After nearly 500 miles in two days, my tush is sore, and I'm really going to curse the Man in Brown for being late with my Corbin seat!!!!

  10. Pekklez

    Friday night dinner ride. An old friend out of the blue invited me to go with their group. Was awesome. About 150 miles.

    Sunday (today) - my first ride with the local Star chapter at 1pm. First, however, going to a meeting of yet another group I am in at 11am but won't ride with them today.

    Have had the bike 3 weeks and am at 600 miles today, will be over that by day's end. Tuesday my baby goes in for the first checkup!! Was invited to go to Shoshone Falls yesterday, which I would have LOVED to go see, but with my mileage so close to 600 and engine not completely broke in (probably would have put 400 miles on) I opted out

  11. viltirizhman

    Hey Vtwin, I started Friday by taking a days vacation and heading to my local Yamaha dealer to check out the 950's. I'm still undecided as to weather my employment situation is stable enough to do it? But after test driving several I know I want this bike. I then left there and went on a 125 mile ride through horse country. Saturday out club had a poker run for St. Jude Cancer Research. Many riders showed up on a 76 degree sunny day, what a wonderful start to a weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carpe Diem ride on

  12. VTvinChic

    Friday: had about 30 miles for a quick local jaunt after I drilled the pipes, enjoyed that.

    Saturday (today): Had to do some contract work in the morning, but put a little over 50-something local miles in 80* sunshine!!!

    Sunday: Joining neighboring STAR chapter's ride; approx 200 miles anticipated in southern Ohio.

  13. VTvinChic

    Well, we had a good 250 ride today, but keep a riding couple in your prayers tonight. We were in some winding country roads, and the rider appeared to fail to negotiate a curve. He struck a guardrail after skidding on some gravel, and he and his passenger were thrown from the bike. Luckily, the hospital was about 1.5 miles away, and the emergency response was phenomenal. No broken bones, but she had a little rash. Both were smartly wearing their helmets. Bike had engine guards that look like they did their job, but were bent and the floorboards got stuck upright in between. Thank God it happened as it did, and that the accident wasn't any worse.

  14. formerfuss

    My prayers will be with them, and all of you on this board. Only got to ride about 15 miles today.

  15. Pekklez

    Man, that is my biggest fear since there are a lot of curvy roads around here!

    My weekend riding consisted of:
    Friday afternoon actually going to a funeral about 50 miles from here in WIND. DH and I showed up on our bikes!! That night met up with a group and did about 80 miles RT in WIND.

    Saturday, DH and I decided to do a loop of about 80 or so miles - got about 30 miles from home and that WIND was too much, so home we came. Saturday night we went to "bike night" at our local Yammie dealer. That is always a good time.

    Can you tell it has been windy here? It SUCKS!!! And, it is cold. Would have been perfect otherwise, 60 degrees and sunny.


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