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The gods have shined upon me............

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  1. JuzdSdewe


    Yipppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee!!!!!!

    (seriously.......I"m stoked).

  2. MorkKW

    And, I'm also stoked for ya.


  3. chaser38

    In my mind, you were always a Biker Bad Ass. And to think, each and every one of your posts had meaningful content, carefully crafted thoughts and respectful overtones with absolutely, positively no sarcasm.

    How did you get to be a BBA, anyway? We usually run your kind outta here.


  4. Lucgj574

    Congrats to the newest, shiniest BadAss in town! Hope you didn't have any troubles with the Pez dispenser...

  5. MigejCojode

    Now that you are a virtual badass have a virtual beer on me:

  6. JuzdSdewe

    i took everyone's advice, and asked that the WD-40 be HEAVILY applied, and I just had to turn my head away when the pez dispenser arrived on scene.
    I'm probably going to be mentally scarred for life, but on the other know what they say.

    "You'll stretch a mile before you rip an inch"

  7. chaser38

    You ARE a Bad Ass!!! You've got me hunting, begging, wishing, dreaming and in agony trying to think of some completely different thought.

    Hopefully, there's a "Cloud" forum or a "Flower" forum I can go get lost in.

  8. SdeweinFL

    Congratulations, Steve! No one deserved it more than you - I am just so dang proud of you! <wiping a tear from my eye>

    I will say that Chaz has a point - we would appreciate it if you could lower the tone of your remarks just a tad, before they raise the average caliber of remarks on the forum, thereby ruining our reputation as a bunch of unremitting scalawags - or somethin' like that.....

    P.S. I hope the WD-20 helped, and that your hiney is healing.

  9. Driwetapisnezz

    I go away for a few days and this is what the forum has descended into.

    Is see you used WD20 (only went halfway?)

    All the best to the man from Wisconsin - Cheeseheads of the world, UNITE!

    Or is that "dyslexics, UNTIE!"

  10. Tibi

    I wanna be like you when I grow up

  11. Pabbj

    How do you get to be a biker bad a$$ . I used to be one then I found a better way I guess I'm gettin older and I don't need to be a bad a$$ anymore . I like that .

  12. yazonzdyohn2

    I was so happy to be a biker bandit.

  13. ylzhooder

    And I am just a lonley little Rider.

    Spent too much time on another forum when I shoulda been here.


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